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Most Expensive Gaming Mice in 2024

How does it feel to use a $10 mouse with a PC of $2000+ worth, yes, it is strange because your mouse plays a key role when you play a game or want it to work smoothly. Technically, you ought to have a good quality gaming mouse which must have different types of shortcut buttons and sensors to navigate your cursor easily and smoothly.

Ultimately, a gap in the gaming industry has forced many companies to develop and manufacture such gaming peripherals. There is a huge list of these companies but some names are very prominent in the gaming industry and you might know their names as well, these are Corsair, Asus, Razer, Logitech, and others, making your work easy and smart.

There is a difference between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse which is why the demand for gaming mice have been increased for the last couple of years and going viral also.

These gaming mice help you to switch between different DPIs and associated buttons, each mouse is different in shape, color, size, design, and buttons so you can’t compare easily one mouse to another one.

If you look at the best gaming mice then you probably also need a little bit of information about DPI and you must be familiar with why this DPI is so much important to us. Well, the answer is simple, DPI is just a kind of measurement to calculate the dots on a screen, pointing devices are calculated by DPI, it also covers how efficiently, your cursor moves between two dots and tells about the accuracy and speed.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it has happened.

Top 7 Most Expensive Gaming Mice 2023

Let’s talk about the most expensive gaming mouse because these mice are super fast and made of top-notch quality with astonishing DPI to play classy games, never forget to compare the functionality, features, and flexibility of a gaming mouse with others. The list may be huge but we have shared some of those top-listed gaming mice here.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most expensive gaming mice.

Razer Lancehead TE
Razer Lancehead TE

Razer Lancehead TE

  • Weight: 3.67 ounces
  • DPI: 16000
  • Programmable Buttons: 8
  • Clicks: 50M
  • LED: RGB
  • Color: Mercury White

This is an Ambidextrous gaming mouse that would fit in your hand perfectly whether you are left-handed or right-handed, doesn’t matter at all.

Razer TE Ambidextrous gaming mouse is a next-generation gaming mouse that has a list of all peripherals features, one must have, Razer new mouse would be a plus point if you have it on your table, it has the capacity to quench the thirst of your gaming passion.

No peripheral company is the market leader today because of many reasons, first of all, all products produced can’t be the same in quality, some may have a distinctive edge on others, secondly, job specialization may also vary from company to company so we can’t say that it’s the perfect and ultimate peripheral company we can trust.

Razer can produce one of the best gaming laptops but we can’t say they have the best gaming mouse also because distinctiveness of uniqueness and perfection in quality may vary.

There is neck-to-neck competition in the gaming mouse industry but we can say Razer TE is a real rival to Asus Spatha and giving a tough time in the same industry. However, Razer TE has an ambidextrous design that Asus Spatha doesn’t have and that’s the plus point of this mouse over spatha.
All other features are almost the same as Spatha which includes

  • Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy
  • Update with the Chroma lighting
  • Weight Tuning

Let me tell you honestly, it is a gift for game enthusiasts having all features of top-listed peripherals, definitely, it would fit your all needs as well. Alas! It doesn’t offer RGB lighting anymore, that can be a mistake by Razer because RGB adds more attraction to your gaming mouse.

Modification is the key for any company to keep it alive in the market and that’s what Razer has been doing for so many years, mouse is changing time to time with respect to shape, buttons, and sensors and it is a good sign because technologically, it’s a symbol of improvement that they are providing through this way.

Now it includes 8 programmable buttons with dual sensors to keep everything in order.
I can’t say it is the only and ultimate mouse, no other mouse is better than this, no, absolutely not because if there are some pros then cons are also attached with it that would you force you to think whether should I buy this or not? If you compare it with marketing standards then it holds its position well on top of the chart, anyway, let’s go through the positive and negative aspects of this gaming mouse.

Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. PRO X3
Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. PRO X3

Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. PRO X3

  • Weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Sensor: PIXART PMW3389
  • DPI: 16000
  • Programmable Buttons: 10
  • Clicks: 50M
  • LED: RGB

This awesome Gaming Mouse comes with a plethora of associated features along with dynamic senses to move your mouse freely. It sounds pretty odd to use a cheap mouse while playing your favorite games on a gaming laptop, it is much better to have a good quality gaming mouse whether it is wired or wireless.

Though it is one of the most expensive gaming mice on amazon it delivers awesome features no other is offering right now. it is the best option for professional gamers, bloggers, video animators, designers, and scientists.

This Wired mouse has 16000 DPIs, if you are a hardcore gamer you can easily understand the importance of this, DPI stands for Dot per Inch, in simple terms, it is the area that a cursor covers from one dot to another within a second, it means a lot for any professionals, gamers usually love gaming mouse with higher DPI.

The ambidextrous design will definitely inspire you all, especially to lefties, it has an impressive and perfect design that will fit under your palm regardless of your hand size without any fatigue. Here most of the top listed companies patronize stating enormous features, eventually, they don’t care about what a real buyer wants to have.

How cool is that to have 16 Million colors fancy cool LED-backlit providing you a glimpse of fabulous entertaining colors, never mind, press the button if you want to switch off the colors.

It contains 12 programmable buttons for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, Linux, and XP that will assist you with ease and comfort while playing your favorite games. A great choice for MOB/RTS and FPS games.

While talking about the click lifespan, surprisingly, it has more than 50 million clicks lifespan which is too much for a mouse that comes with other features as well. In short, it is the best gift idea of 2022 followed by enormous functions.



  • Weight: 0.18 ounces
  • Movement Detection: Optical
  • DPI: 19000
  • Programmable Buttons: 12
  • Clicks: 70M
  • LED: RGB

Asus ROG spatha X is one of the best flagship gaming mice prevailing right now in the market. It stunned everyone with an unexpected surprise because it was their initial entrance into the system and they did it perfectly as it tranced everyone with its astonishing features.

Standing right in first place would surely be a happy moment for any company and that’s what The Spatha X has done, it is considered one of the most prominent and attractive mice getting a huge attraction to gamers and others.

RGB effects are another additional feature that also feels pleasing to the eyes. Reflective colors at your PC’s table would blow your mind when you see a cluster of rainbow colors emerging from a mouse, wow, feels awesome. Do you know that RGB can sync up to other ROG branded products which may include keyboards, graphics cards, and even sometimes motherboards?

Manufacturing of Spatha tells us that it has much more for a gamer than only a mouse because most of us are unaware of all the other features, that come with a mouse. The size of the mouse is a little bit bigger than others and it’s heavy too, secondly, the price of this mouse is also higher which only hardcore gamers can afford.

Irrespective of all these, The Spatha X has a technical supporting manual to guide you properly, you can even download it by surfing it online. As far as I am concerned, I don’t like too many buttons on this mouse, it simply feels awkward.

Enjoy pleasing features and hidden short-cut buttons that will save your surfing time, you might have a clue that it is a wireless mouse, yes, ROG Spatha X is a wireless mouse enabling you to access your favorite games from any point.

It also includes 12 programmable buttons that would be amazing if you are aware of the functionality of these buttons, surely, it would save a lot of your time, what else can you expect from a good gaming mouse, well, everything is here for you, grab this offer right now.

These buttons have been programmed by Asus Armoury software which also gets 19000 max DPI providing something elegant, comfortable, and ergonomics for long gaming sessions, let me tell you more about it, it has ROG Micro switches which have probably high rate of click cycle which means you have a luxury of using more and more clicks and your button won’t be stuck even if you use it constantly for 67 hours a day, no complaint has been registered till to date regarding clicking and click buttons however side buttons have some issues.

Precisely, ROG Spatha X is a perfect choice for gamers and others which would fill all your needs perfectly. Anyway, it has everything that would fill you in love with this awesome mouse. Let’s go through the pros and cons of this mouse.

Logitech G PRO X
Logitech G PRO X

Logitech G PRO X

  • Weight: 2.2 ounces
  • DPI: 25600
  • Programmable Buttons: 8
  • Clicks: 40M
  • LED: RGB

Logitech G PRO X is another great wireless mouse for gaming that comes with a bundle of surprises that no other peripheral company is offering now.

Most companies create hypothetical chaos to fully lure through misrepresentation and deception but that is not the case here, you would like to get a Logitech amazing gaming mouse at a common price. Why I have included this gaming mouse in this list, the reason behind this is pretty clear it includes all features that game enthusiasts need.

In short, Logitech is providing quality products in the shape of headphones, speakers, keyboards, and mice, their attention to make changing and modifying products on constant bases has helped them to gain the attention of new buyers hence the loyalty of the customers has also been improved this way.

Though it’s pretty hard to choose gaming mice as competition is really hard Logitech G PRO X has almost everything to compete for top-level brands whether you compare it with Razer Ouroboros and Asus Spatha, you would probably observe that you are getting every bit of information regarding features at a low price and that’s the beauty of this mind-freaking mouse.

Well, for starters, it’s the best choice at a low price, do you know it can go up to 25000 DPI, making it the best gaming mouse with a high DPI right now at such an affordable price, amazing and really impressive by the way? Keep one thing in your mind, it has eye-catching spectrum lighting, which means you can make your table elegant with RGB lighting.

You have the luxury of using this mouse wirelessly and wired as per your own need, how does it feel when you have an ambidextrous design pleasing to your palm and your fingers move around the mouse perfectly?

Logitech has manufactured one of the best flagship mice with hidden features, regardless of what you need. These features are fixed no matter how much money you pay. If you need it or not you have to avail of these in-built features that come along with this amazing mouse, though you are paying a high amount of money features will justify its price when you go through its features.

I’m sure this mouse would help you in many ways, first of all, it’s probably the best ambidextrous mouse available online these days, secondly, it has a bunch of features that no other mouse is providing, thirdly, buttons are soft and have flexibility, these are the key features of this amazing mouse which can help you to find your way to purchase gaming mouse.

Undoubtedly it is the best gaming mouse for big hands because it can fit you well if you are annoyed with using the small mouse while playing games and you have grip problems, it fits well in your palm and provides an awesome level of comfort.

SteelSeries Rival 710
SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries Rival 710

  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • CPI: 16000
  • Programmable Buttons: 7
  • Clicks: 60M
  • LED: RGB

Making an unbiased list of gaming mice is an artistic approach and placing the gaming mouse in order will be a tricky job, so it’s an UN-ordered list, first of all, we would like to discuss Steel Series 710 first.

Rival’s name is considered one of the best and probably the most trusted name in gaming mice, it’s currently holding a sticky top position for the last few years. Rival 710 comes with a pleasing and attractive look that would fall in love with this mouse.

Gamers love such types of gaming mice that fit under their palm and fingers squeeze easily to move and navigate properly, that’s the perfect way to enjoy while playing any game as well. It has earned a lot of respect and reputation due to its milky soft buttons, feels awesome when you click to target or shoot and that’s the point that makes it a market leader in the gaming industry.

It is easy to talk about the pros because that’s what you would love to hear from our side but let me tell you some key points here about this gaming mouse; the Steel Series Rival 710 is unique in the sense that it comes with some amazing OLED display which can guide you to easily access your settings and to specify and display GIFs, ultimately will save your time.

The technical aspect of the Rival 710 may be complex to discuss but we would like to share a few of the technical features of this mouse here, it has enormous features but its modular design, shape, OLED display (as discussed earlier), RBG lighting and last but not least, DPI settings, 16000 CPI and 350 IPS sensor that would surely force you to buy this amazing gaming mouse.

Rival 710 also allows you to choose your own specific sensor, which means you can buy it if you wish to buy it. One common flaw that most of the lefties have noticed is that it has an ambidextrous design which means it doesn’t fit well in left-hand, it doesn’t mean that it is not fit for gamers, let me tell you one thing clearly, design though doesn’t fit perfectly in left-hand but you can easily use it without being panic.

There is a perfect mouse that may fit all your requirements easily, the design is elegant and will blow your PC’s attraction with glittering RGB lighting. It’s a heavy-duty mouse that won’t even skip for a second while playing RPG, MMO, and FPS.

Despite all these pros and quality features, there is only one issue that we have also discussed earlier, it should be modified for left-handed also, except this, everything is working fine for this mouse.

Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse
Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse

Corsair Nightsword

  • Weight: 4.0 ounces
  • Movement Detection: Optical
  • DPI: 18000
  • Programmable Buttons: 10
  • Clicks: 50M
  • LED: RGB

The gaming industry is considered one of the most expensive industries hence gaming peripherals are expensive too, Corsair came up with a different strategy and entered into the gaming market by providing a quality mouse at a good price, it’s a foray into the gaming industry liked by the gamers and loyal users do their amazing design and shape. Ultimately it boosted their business and increased its sale.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view on the Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse which is considered one of the best gaming mice available right now in the market and would surely justify its price and specification if you really know something about the features of a gaming mouse.

With that said, a range of variety also differs especially when it comes to price, it’s called a budget-oriented product that can fit anyone’s requirements whether you are a common user or a high-end gamer, however, features will change according to its price.

RGB lighting would blow your mind and look pleasing on your computer table. It’s easy to use and customization software looks pretty simple while using it, well it’s okay for a common user to enjoy these kinds of features allowing you to enjoy unlimited ease of pleasure.

Do you know that 18000 DPI would help you to move your cursor easily while pointing at any point, efficiency and accuracy are everything while playing any game and that’s what modern mice do these days, they give you full control up to optimal level.

Like other mice, it has every bit of feature that can fill you in love with this RGB lighting and amazing control system with outstanding customization software. When it comes to ease and comfort, the software will do it all on its own, you are not supposed to worry about it.

Last but not least, its DPI is adjustable and has to link to customizable buttons that would surely help you in many ways, it would lessen your burden and would make your work easy, and shortcut keys would save you time in an elegant way. Enjoy unlimited steam of enormous features and play your favorite games at your fingertips.

Obviously, you would feel comfortable because a lighter Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse fit’s well under your palm and would surely help FPS gamers to enjoy the ultimate power and experience of modern gaming. How’s that sound when you have a good mouse at a reasonable price that would push you into the imaginary gaming world, definitely it feels pleasant. Let’s find out some pros and cons below.

Logitech G502 HERO
Logitech G502 HERO

Logitech G502 HERO

  • Weight: 4.32 ounces
  • DPI: 25600
  • Movement Detection: Optical
  • Programmable Buttons: 11
  • LED: RGB

Here is the other Logitech mouse which is known as G502 Hero, to be honest, it tells about the kind of services and approach to maintaining the rhythm of providing consistent quality, accuracy, and durability, undoubtedly, Logitech has proven a splendid job in past.

Let’s find out why we have included Logitech G502 Hero in this list, similar to that one, it also comes with RGB lighting and the bestselling Logitech G502 Hero whereas the G900 build only for crazy fans of games. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on such things, instead, you can save it by getting the maximum features that you have imagined.

As we talked about earlier its price is low, how would you feel if you have a mouse with almost 16,000 DPI, speaking of the technical support, the team is 24 hours locked down to provide you quick response every time. There is no difference if we compare it with the original one apart from its lighting, today experts are talking about gaming standards and most companies are using this in their peripherals like keyboards, mousepads, pads, and headsets.

There are so many other options that can tell you how good the G502 Hero is, first of all, its cost is cheap as everyone wants to buy quality products at an affordable price, it’s charming. Secondly, the mouse includes 11 buttons that are typically designed only for experts, you must read the manual before going to use it. Thirdly, a mouse is adjustable for right-handed users. For further assistance, you can read the Pros and Cons stated under.

Most Expensive Gaming Mice 2023 FAQs:

How to choose a gaming mouse?

The list shared over here about the gaming mouse is unbiased and most of them are high-quality products. You need to focus on two things; smart designs and impressive features that will help you to save your money, but before that, you must be familiar with the following things too because a better understanding of these products can help to choose the best gaming mouse at an affordable price.

1) Professional League of Legends (LOL) Player’s Mouse
2) Professional Counter-Strike: GO Player’s Mouse

Are all gaming mice the same?

No, all gaming mice are not the same, they possess different types of features, some contain more DPI functions while other offers more shortcut buttons, coming up with new gaming mouse concepts, there are so many amazing brands offering quality and impressive gaming mice such as Razer, Logitech, CM storm, Mad Catz, and more however most of the features are the same regardless of the design and color.

We tried to cover everything in the best mouse for gamers 2023 with respect to features, sensors, price, accuracy, design, RGB lights, and much more. You can even choose a cheap gaming mouse here by clicking on the mentioned gaming mouse stated above.

The idea was not only to use these mice for our team but also to compare the features with others reading the comments on Amazon and it drove us to select the best possible gaming mouse collection here. As we know games have been divided into the following three categories.

  • FPS (First Person Shooter)
  • RTS (Real-Time Strategy)
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

It depends upon the taste of the gamers, most gamers love to play all three game genres, some loved ones and some love two genres, basically, it’s the choice of the player.

What are the different types of mouse grips?

Your gripping is everything while playing online games, especially international tournaments, it also varies when you are a lefty because the shapes of most of the gaming mice are made for right-handed users as lefties have minimal numbers. Before going further you ought to learn about these types of grips.

Fingertip Grip:

In this option, only two fingers and thumbs are used while your hand remains in the air.

Palm Grip:

You entirely use your hand while keeping your palm on the mouse.

Claw Grip:

The index finger and middle fingers are used in such a way that it makes a perpendicular angle to grip the mouse.

What to look for in a gaming mouse?

It’s not the end, there are so many other things each one of us must know before choosing a perfect gaming mouse because what we share over here is covered for a limited time, we test a few items on a limited time span so accuracy cannot be defined in a few words.

We can be right or wrong that’s why what we do, we read other comments on Amazon and compare what we have right now, a detailed sketch is then drawn that’s why we urge you to please have a kind look at the following.

1) Sensors:

Regardless of what’s your favorite mouse, you ought to read about sensors more, actually, these optical sensors are placed on the rough side of the mouse. The more powerful these sensors are the more perfectly they can throw DPI back and thus provide excellent results.

2) Polling Rate:

The response between mouse and computer is defined as a polling rate which is measured in hertz ranging from 250 to 1000 Hz. Data is processed before the action is taken on the screen.

3) Acceleration:

Response to your hand is generally regarded as an acceleration of a mouse and it is measured in G force, most cheap gaming mouse doesn’t provide high acceleration.
G = 9.8 meters per second

4) Programmable Buttons:

The best option for any gaming mouse is that provides a shortcut key to play action games on your laptop or computer. In short, the hotkeys are under your palm to navigate and respond quickly.

5) Weight:

A heavy mouse determines a level of feel when you are tired of playing your games, your wrist feels pain and that’s the difference in weight, top listed gaming mouse companies pay full attention to providing light-weight gaming mice.

6) Lift-up Distance:

It is the determination of how high a mouse can be lifted up before any movement, lift-up distance also depends upon the sensitivity as well, to provide more accuracy lift-up distance must be significantly adjusted for better results.

The Greatest Gaming Tournaments in the World and Winning Amount:

Surprisingly, gaming has become a profession today and different tournaments are announced where the winning amount is almost one million dollars. You can earn more money from these events by playing games.

The International:

Do you know that you can earn a lot from playing online games, well you would be surprised to know that The International provides online MOBAs or battle arenas with multiple players, importantly total prize money is almost $10 Million divided into 16 high-end teams depending upon the pattern offered by the members and organizers.

Evo Summer Games Los Vegas:

There are hundreds of tournaments held every year in different countries but Evo Summer Games Los Vegas provides a much better place to all those who aim to earn more money from playing games, you can also participate in this tournament.

Dream Hack:

If you are a MOBA games expert, Dream Hack is the best place for you where you can play to win more money, now Dream Hack is planning to start Dreamhack Mobile Series, Pokemon Regional Championships, and Fighting Game Championships this year.

Pokemon World Championships:

Every year, this tournament is held entitled “Pokemon World Championships” and only those players can participate who can play this game. It is the world’s best phenomenal game providing you with all levels of opportunities and uniqueness filled with love and entertainment.

Electronic Sports World Cup:

The winning amount for each team is $15000 and last year four teams won the title, well, Electronic Sports World Cup is a huge blessing for all gamers, last year LimitlessGG won $7000. However, rules can be modified as per policies and terms offered by the sponsorers and organizers.

This guide would surely help you to understand the basic purpose of our discussion of why these gaming companies are charging different prices for looking at similar gaming mice. We would also try to throw light on the best gaming mice as well and would tell you why you must be familiar with gaming mice.

To provide the best knowledge and guide you in such a way that can save you money is the final goal of sharing this list. If you blindly choose any gaming mouse, definitely it would work fine for some time but it may create a problem in the future, to overcome such issues you must be familiar with a top gaming mouse.

Secondly, most of the companies offer the same kind of mice with a little difference and charge a huge amount of money, compared to a cheap one you would know that almost all features are common then why should I pay more dollars to buy this trash?

Definitely, a question would arise in your mind, to guide you perfectly, we have shared different opinions and reviews about top-listed gaming mice. This list includes both wireless and wired mice to keep things unbiased, fair, and stable.

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