One Lonely Outpost Is Now Available To Play On GeForce NOW

One Lonely Outpost Is Now Available To Play On GeForce NOW

Freedom Games, the developers behind the highly anticipated space farming simulator One Lonely Outpost, have announced that the game is now accessible on GeForce NOW through the Steam platform. As an early-access release, players can embark on an exciting journey to the planet of Calypso, where they will uncover its mysteries and strive to create a habitable environment for civilization.

In this captivating game, players assume the role of pioneers who set foot on the enigmatic planet of Calypso. To ensure the survival and prosperity of humankind, players must harness the planet’s potential by terraforming its dry landscape. By planting and nurturing seeds, the pioneers cultivate vegetation that generates oxygen, gradually transforming the atmosphere into a breathable one.

Players must manage the growth and harvesting of food, engage in resource mining, and meticulously document existing life, minerals, and weather patterns. These efforts lay the foundation for building a thriving community from scratch.

While players may initially find themselves alone on Calypso, they are accompanied by a trusty robot companion named Qwerty, who embarks on this journey together. Qwerty’s presence provides companionship and assistance, offering a sense of connection in an otherwise solitary venture.

As the outpost on Calypso becomes more habitable and inviting, travelers from various corners of the universe will be drawn to the thriving community. This influx of visitors not only fosters the establishment of close friendships but also presents opportunities for potential romances to blossom within the outpost.

Bryan Herren, Director of Marketing at Freedom Games, emphasized the significance of collaboration and community-building within One Lonely Outpost. He stated, “The virtue of working together to build something new can be found at the core of any healthy society. One Lonely Outpost honors the strong communities that come together to build something larger than themselves, including our own. I’d like to thank our wonderful community for following along our journey thus far. We can’t wait to show you what’s to come for 1.0!”

One Lonely Outpost is an immersive gaming experience that combines elements of resource management, exploration, and interpersonal relationships. Its availability on GeForce NOW offers players the opportunity to enjoy the game seamlessly, harnessing the power of cloud gaming technology.

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