Ace Racer Review

Ace Racer Review: A Fast-Paced Racing Game with Top-Notch Graphics

Ace Racer is a recently developed racing game for mobile devices, created by NetEase and published via Exptional Global. It presents players with various time challenges and races across different terrain stages that test their driving skills to the extreme.

The standout feature of Ace Racer in comparison to other games in its genre is the unpredictable nature of each race – they are so nonlinear that it’s impossible to anticipate what lies ahead.

Each individual race also includes unique obstacles, barricades, and track elements which make them more challenging than others. This review will delve into all aspects of Ace Racer gameplay experience.

Experience over-the-top racing tracks full of action and adventures:

Experience over-the-top racing tracks full of action and adventures
Experience over-the-top racing tracks full of action and adventures

In our previous review of Ace Racer, we mentioned that the game stands out from other racing titles because of its unique race tracks. Every track provides a distinct and exciting experience with various terrains, powers, and strategies to defeat opponents. The unpredictability and diversity of these tracks make it comparable to Asphalt 9. Additionally, players can perform stunts during races to enhance their Nitros’ stats for an extra edge over competitors.

Ace Racer has a wide range of distinct locations featured on the game map, and players won’t be bored by its linear gameplay. The graphics are advanced and customizable, creating a modern and futuristic atmosphere. Ace Racer provides various types of races such as timed challenges or traditional sprints so that every type of racer can enjoy it to the fullest extent possible without encountering repetitive locations throughout their playtime.

Customize not only your ride but your rider too:

Customize not only your ride but your rider too
Customize not only your ride but your rider too

In the game, customization is a significant aspect that receives great attention. There are various options available for both character and ride customization. The main goal of the game is to provide an enjoyable racing experience reminiscent of old times that evokes nostalgia.

Even those who are new to racing can easily join in the game as it has user-friendly controls that are specifically designed for enjoyable mobile gaming. In Ace Racer, players have the opportunity to customize their ride with top-quality body parts, ensuring they stand out on the track.

In the game, each car has a specific role that determines its unique abilities on the racetrack. The cars are equipped with special powers based on their designated specialty.

The three main specializations in the game are Interceptor, Speedster, and Supporter. Interceptors hinder other opponents by intercepting them. Boosters provide helpful abilities to teammates while Speedsters receive temporary speed boosts during gameplay. You can find a comprehensive guide on all of a car’s special abilities in the Car Abilities Guide located here for reference.

The game provides various customization options for car enthusiasts who want to modify their vehicles. These include customizations like plates, suspensions, brakes, engines and stances which can make the car look sleeker. After every race in the game, players have an option of repairing any damage inflicted by the previous race as it carries over to the next one. This makes gameplay more realistic and challenging for newbies trying to beat the game.

Special operator skillset offers a unique over the top experience:

Special operator skillset offers a unique over the top experience
Special operator skillset offers a unique over the top experience

Continuing with our review of Ace Racer, we want to emphasize that every car in the game has a unique special power that can be activated when the nitro level reaches its peak. Certain skill sets such as speedsters make it simpler for players to race while others like Interceptors create more difficulties for opponents trying to keep up. The game also enables players to work together and plan their approach using all three operator skills.

Ace Racer is a racing game that, like Asphalt 9, strives to provide an exciting and thrilling experience by utilizing stunning scenery and elaborate race courses. It succeeds in delivering this kind of gameplay without compromising on performance quality. However, it requires specific technical specifications for optimal gaming enjoyment.

Choose your ride from a variety of real and fiction cars available in the game:

Choose your ride from a variety of real and fiction cars available in the game
Choose your ride from a variety of real and fiction cars available in the game

It is difficult to determine the exact number of cars that can be chosen in the game since new vehicles are frequently added by developers. Both well-known and lesser-known car models can be selected, including luxury options like Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R, as well as original designs from the game creators.

Ace Racer is a thrilling racing game that takes place in an environment that is constantly changing and challenging. Each track has its own distinct features, providing players with a fresh experience every time they race. It’s the perfect game for those who love racing games because each competition only lasts one minute per round, which makes it very fast-paced. The players can dig, drift, drag or drive their way to victory as Ace Racer lets them virtually take ownership of the tracks they race on.

Several training missions will be accessible to help players get a feel for the gameplay mechanics and become familiar with how Ace Racer’s controls work. These initial quests are designed to assist gamers in comprehending the fast-paced nature of the game. By completing all these beginner tasks, not only will it make playing easier, but there are also valuable rewards such as acquiring Porsche 911 GT2 RS or BMW M8 GTE available to them.

The game to some extent can be considered pay to win:

The game to some extent can be considered pay to win
The game to some extent can be considered pay to win

The game has a small problem with the cars that are available to unlock through completing quests, as some of them offer better speed and acceleration than others of the same tier. This creates an unfair advantage for players who choose to purchase crates in the shop instead of earning their unlocks through gameplay. To help players navigate this issue, there is a comprehensive Cars Tier List available for reference.

Final Verdict

This game is comparable to Asphalt 9, which is a popular game in its genre. Although the gameplay may seem difficult at first because of the various operators available, it provides variety and becomes easy once you get used to it – even if you’re new. You can customize both your car and rider, with more options for cars than riders.

The game doesn’t offer many benefits to regular players through its battle pass and rewards. To obtain faster cars, one must buy bundles from the shop, making it seem like a pay-to-win game.

Ace Racer is an excellent racing game that can be played for free and it stands out in the market. Fans of racing games will enjoy Ace Racer because of its features and similarities to Asphalt 9. We have reviewed Ace Racer thoroughly, highlighting its important aspects so that players can understand why it’s a great game.

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