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Best Soil Test Kit for Vegetable Garden 2023

Planting healthy-looking flowers and lawns don’t always come easy, they require that the planter pays attention to certain details. Some of these details will include soil nutrients, soil moisture, minerals in the soil, and many others. Now how does one know that the soil in which he or she is planting, that’s where soil test kits come in.

Soil tester comes with different options but the main purpose of the tester is to check the moisture, ph, and sunlight. Always to wet surface, don’t use it on a dry surface as it will not work on such surfaces. If you have gardening as a hobby, this is the must-have tester to keep plants healthy, especially the requirement of sunlight is really important otherwise plants can not grow.

There are different types of soil test kits, at different price points and they test for different properties. So how does one know the one to choose? First is that you have to consider the soil properties that are most important to you and that you’d like to test for.

Top 10 Best Soil Test Kit for vegetable garden 2023

You might want to consider kits that have multi testing capabilities. That is can test for more than one property. Finally, you should consider durability and then your price. We have listed below here 10 different soil test kits, and we do hope that you’d be able to find that which you need.

SleeBas Soil Test Kit

Here we have the Sleebas soil test kit, we love it for one reason, this is because it’s able to test for more than one parameter. It’s a 3 in 1 test kit. So it can test for sunlight intensity, amount of moisture, and ph of your soil before planting and it comes in at the price of one actually.

Whether you’re planting a lawn, a garden, or on your farm, you’d find this piece of farm equipment very useful. It comes very easy to use.

All you need to do is stick the pointy end in the soil, make sure the soil is not hard, rocky, or stony, you don’t want to ruin the probes, the device should be about 6 inches into the ground for you to get good readings.

Next, you switch to what parameter you’d like to read for, ph, moisture, or sunlight. It is also very easy to read, the screen comes with a needle which can tell you how much of the parameter you’re testing for is available. There’s one issue with this product though, a few customers have found it to be less than accurate for pH testing.

SleeBas Soil Test Kit is cheap and it also shows powerful results anyone wants to know if you want the best results, use it on a wet surface.

Atree Soil pH Meter

This is another three in one soil test meter. It is useful as a test tool for soil moisture, and it would also work very well when using it to test for the intensity of sunlight available for your plants. Last but not least it can test for the ph of your soil.

These factors are very important to be tested for as they can be the difference between your plants doing well or not. This is an Amazon choice product for this category, it also comes in three attractive colors, for those who might care about such things.

That’s not all though, there’s more. This device is compact and it comes very easy to carry, it can be used both outdoors and indoors, it also doesn’t require batteries.

To use it just put the probes in the soil, it should be at least 2/3 into the ground for good measurement. Although this product gives accurate readings, there’s one fault which is a regular complaint amongst many users, it’s not a very durable product but then again for the price at which it comes in, it’s just good.

While choosing the best soil tester, one must be familiar with tricks and tips to use such things, you can make the most of it by using it correctly, don’t use it on a dry surface, it won’t work.

Kensizer Soil Tester

Lightweight and handy, the Kensizer soil tester comes easier to use on unboxing. It doesn’t need batteries, neither does it need electricity, all you need do is just insert the probes in the soil and you are good to go.

With this, you can test for 3 conditions responsible for plant growth viz, soil moisture, amount of sunlight, and of course soil pH.

This device comes with twin probes and then also comes with a meter with which you can read the results of the test you have just carried out. You can’t use this in liquids, it will not work, so beware.

You should also be careful about what kind of soil you stick it in, hard soil might damage the probes. Apart from the fact that this device is very easy to use, we also like the fact that customer care is top-notch. This is also a great quality product and you can trust the readings you get from it.

You can read the meter with accurate readings, this is the cheap soil tester you have been looking for, one of the Best Soil Ph Testers these days that comes under 20 dollars.

Yoyomax Soil Test Kit

This soil meter is good to go as soon as you unbox it, it doesn’t need any calibration, and it doesn’t need batteries either.

This is a three in one soil meter/tester, it can check for the presence of water in the soil, check the pH levels, and of course, the amount of sunlight hitting a particular spot in your garden, farm, or lawn.

Therefore, this gives you a good idea of the conditions of the soil in which your plant is, and then you know what to adjust.

It would work both indoors and outdoors, however, this meter will not work for artificial plant lights though. Using this meter is very easy; just make sure that the soil is not very hard so that you don’t ruin the probes.

The Yoyomax meter is able to test for pH levels from 3.5 to 8. Stick it in the ground, switch to the parameter you want to test for, and wait for 10 minutes.

The design is compact and decent and it is, therefore, easy to carry it and use it whenever required. It is the cheap soil tester that will cost you less than 20 dollars.

iPower Soil pH Meter

The iPower soil PH tester is a three in one pH tester. It’s quite easy to use and also very durable. This is a veritable tool to help you maximize plant growth irrespective of the soil it is in.

With this device you can test for moisture in the soil, sunlight intensity, and last but not the least pH. The range of the pH meter ends at 8, and this is because, when the pH of a soil is at 8 or beyond, the plant will not do well.

This product works accurately even if you pour water into the soil just a few minutes to put the probe in, it will still register as dry.

Now, you might actually need to put some water into a soil that’s hard so that the probes can penetrate more easily. For you to increase your chances of getting good readings you might have to wait for up to 10 minutes. The iPower soil pH meter is durable, versatile, and will get the job done.

If you want to check the moisture and sunlight required for your plants, iPower Soil pH Meter is the best meter at a cheap price, buy it right now.

Luster Leaf 1830

When it comes to soil test kits, the Rapitest brand is very popular, and it has distinguished itself in the various products it has in the market. This is a two in one product; it can check for moisture levels in the soil and also check for sunlight intensity.

This knowledge is very important as it would enable you to know where to move your plant to, that is in search of sunlight, and of course in search of moisture too. It would also aid you in making sure your plants are correctly watered.

The meter comes with a gauge, from (1-10), with dry being the least number and we being the highest number. This number then gives you a range of how wet or dry your soil is.

The same thing is applicable to sun intensity, this one uses letters though, AH, which goes from (cloudy – sunny). It doesn’t need any batteries, and it comes with watering needs for more than 150 plants. With this, you can tell if your plant is getting enough water or not.

Luster Leaf 1830 Soil Tester offers you double-probe detection that shows accurate results as compared to other soil testers, moreover, it is cheap in price, portable, and easy to carry, use it for indoor and outdoor.

MARGE PLUS Soil Tester

As far as gardening tools are concerned, this is one very important one you should have. For anyone involved in gardening, they would like to know if there is sufficient water in the soil, this will do that for you. They’d also like to know whether the pH of the soil is the right one and finally, how about the all-important sunlight, they’d also love to know.

That’s what the Marge plus is able to do. It’s a three in one soil tester, capable of testing pH balance, moisture, and finally sun intensity. When you test the pH level of your soil, you’re able to determine what amount and type of chemicals (such as fertilizer) you should put in your soil.

We love the Marge plus soil tester because it’s easy to use and also because you can test for three soil properties. However, the pH tester doesn’t always give accurate results, this is according to many users. Therefore you might want to use this with a pinch of salt.

MARGE PLUS Soil Tester is what you have been looking for, it is the best 3 in 1 soil tester that provides results with more efficiency, it doesn’t work on a dry surface.


Growing healthy plants can seem like a daunting task, especially when you begin to hear about different soil types and soil needs for different plants. Now that’s where the Tophort pH Meter comes in, it helps give you an idea of at least 3 important soil parameters.

PH, soil moisture content, and light intensity. These are some of the most important characteristics features you need to check your soil has in just the right proportion for your plant.

The Tophort pH meter will do that for you very easily. It’s a contraption that comes with twin probes and a very easy to read the meter. To know what your soil pH, moisture or sunlight intensity is, just stick the probes in the ground.

You should get like 4 to 6 inches of it into the ground. Switch the button to the parameter you’d like to read for and then give it like 10 minutes, the needle will move and you’d be able to see the condition of your soil.

TOPHORT pH Meter is the best alternative to all other digital soil testers, the percentage of accuracy is just amazing, most importantly it is the soil tester under 10 dollars, cool!!! Just buy the cheapest soil tester.

LeHatori Soil Meter

LeHatori Soil Meter Review:

This is an apt name for a soil meter. Now, this not only tests for soil pH, just like the many other meters we have reviewed in today’s article, it also tests for two other soil properties, sunlight intensity, and moisture. The Soil pH Meter is from the LeHatori brand, and they are very good at what they do.

We all know the importance of soil testers especially when it comes to checking the sunlight required for plants, ph testers play their role here.

They are also quite popular. Therefore this tells you that you can trust the readings that you get from this appliance. It will help you understand the soil condition of your garden, just making it easier for you to get healthy and beautiful plants.

This soil test can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it will not give you any readings if you stick it in a liquid as it wasn’t meant for that. At the price point which it comes, this works well.

Soil Meter is the must-have testing tool that helps you to check the ph of the soil, sunlight required for plants, and moisture level.

Yahpetes Soil Test Kit

This is the last on our list of best soil test kits for today, but then again it’s not the least. Yahpetes soil test kit is something you can use with a lot of confidence because you know that you can trust the readings that you’re getting from it.

The Yahpetes soil test kit comes with 3 features. It can read soil humidity, which is the wetness or dryness of your soil.

It can also tell how much sunlight your plants are receiving, and then it can tell the pH of your soil. And all these things it does accurately.

All you need to do is stick it in the soil, wait for ten minutes, and of course, choose the soil feature you want to test for. Whatever result you get, you can work with, to see that your plants always come out good.

If you want to buy the soil tester, Yahpetes Soil Test Kit is the best choice, like all other testers, you can check the moisture, ph, and sunlight.

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