Top 10 Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2021 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2024

Refrigerant recovery machines are not very popular appliances. It’s not surprising though, because this machine is used by very specific sets of people, those who work in HVAC maintenance. So here’s what this machine does, it helps to recover or trap, fluids (gases and fluids) from HVAC units. Sometimes before cleaning or before repairing, HVAC units, the gasses in them have to be removed.

9 Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2024

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), fluids from HVAC systems (such as AC and Fridge) shouldn’t be released into the atmosphere, this has brought about the need for the means to trap them, and in the end, and they’ll be put back into the containers where they came from. This is where refrigerant recovery machines come in. You don’t have to be a pro to use or need these machines.

Robinair RG3
✓ Best choice
Hilmor Recovery Machine
Robinair RG6
Aspion G5TWIN
Fieldpiece MR45
Inficon Vortex
Yellow Jacket 95730
Mastercool 69100
Robinair 34788NI

1. Robinair RG3

Robinair RG3

One very important factor for refrigerant recovery machines is that they are portable, and this happens to be a quality that the Robinair RG3 has. This machine comes in at just 18 pounds, easy to move around. It is quite versatile; it can be used with CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants.

With this machine, one is able to recover not just liquid but vapor also. We love these features. The Robinair RG3 comes with dials which are easy to use, two dials. Perhaps what I love most about this machine are the safety features that come with it.

It has a high-pressure safety cut off switch. The machine shuts off the moment the pressure hits above 550 PSI. What we have here is a very efficient system, it is able to recover about 2 pounds of fluid in 30 minutes, and this is all due to its cross-flow design, which features a condenser layout and fan.

Recovery machines were manufactured to help save the ozone layer, and this one does a good job of that by coming with an oil-less compressor that results in a 40% smaller footprint.

Robinair RG3 is highly efficient and provides all the necessary features you have been looking for, you can use it for both Liquid and Vapor Refrigerants.

2. Hilmor Recovery Machine

Hilmor Recovery Machine

Here comes another portable refrigerant recovery machine. The Hilmor recovery machine is a light weighted, portable, and brushless dc refrigerant. It’s quite popular first because it’s portable, apart from the fact that it comes with a handle, it also comes with a hands-free carry.

Refrigerant recovery machines have to be lightweight and easy to move around and the manufacturer of this product got this right here. Hoist points are available at strategic locations around this machine for easy movement. The fact that it is light doesn’t take anything away from the power of the machine.

he brushless Dc motor ensures that. To easily view your readings, it comes with an LCD screen which fonts that are easy to read. Storage is very easy; coming in with a power cord wrap, the whole process is seamless. This is an innovative tool; it’s versatile and will serve well in many HVAC applications.

If you want the best brushless DC Refrigerant Recovery Machine right now, Hilmor Recovery Machine is the name that comes first in our mind. You would find so many features as it is portable and you can easily carry and use it at any place or location.

3. Robinair RG6

Robinair RG6

Robinair is undoubtedly the most trusted name these days especially when it comes to refrigerant recovery, Robinair RG6 is the best portable recovery machine that allows operating twin-cylinder design with comfortable and easy control. The new RG6 works with almost all refrigerants. It is lightweight and easy to use and also provides safety features.

Robinair RG6 is smartly equipped with a powerful cooling system, fans are quite amazing to provide the maximum cooling environment, most importantly, it comes with oversized condensers. To make it safer for users, it has an automatic system to shut off the entire process if the pressure exceeds 550 PSI.

If you are looking for a portable refrigerant recovery machine right now, this Robinair RG6 is the smart choice for you. Well, you can blindly trust Robinair as a brand especially when it comes to refrigerant recovery machines.

4. Aspion G5TWIN

Aspion G5TWIN

Looking for something that can act both as a residential and industrial/commercial refrigerant recovery tool and yet is light weighted? You might need to look no further; the Aspion G5Twin has got you covered in this area. It comes small-sized and weighs in at about 24 pounds.

However, don’t let this little size fool you. This is a beast in a little guy’s clothing. It is one of the most popular in the industry, you can use it with the common refrigerants and even R410A and would be able to take both liquid and vapor without much ado.

As the name implies, it comes with two cylinders and two condensers. It has a turbine fan which is able to churn out 700cfm of powerful and cool air so that the machine can work effectively.

When it comes to efficiency, this machine is tops, it can work with temperatures of 50-degree Fahrenheit and comes with good safety features. It automatically shuts off when or if the pressure gets to 550 PSI. It also has a one year warranty. The downside one might experience with this product is that for now it’s not being shipped out of the U.S.

Aspion G5TWIN is the best Twin Cylinder Recovery Machine that is capable to do industrial and commercial jobs at the same time. It works with all refrigerants including R410A.

5. Fieldpiece MR45

Fieldpiece MR45

It has been labeled the world’s best recovery machine, ok so maybe it’s not that but it definitely comes close. This machine is nothing short of impressive.

It comes lightweight and noiseless just like we’d like it, it’s also easy to carry up ladders, but boy, it works like a giant recovery machine. In just over 30 minutes and with a line set of 50 ft you can recover up to 17 pounds of refrigerant.

It works well irrespective of the weather, either in the scorching sun, freezing cold or pouring rain, it remains the same.  Fieldpiece, the makers of this product, has said that it is the fastest in the industry, and it is speedy. This speed is due to the fact that this machine comes with dual cylinders and one large condenser. The cylinders have a  variable speed of 1hp and run at a max speed of 3000 RPM.

Fieldpiece MR45 is the best Refrigerant Recovery Machine 2023 with a water-resistance feature. A ceramic cylinder is perfect to reduce the friction and also provide some convenience.

6. Inficon Vortex

Inficon Vortex

This is perhaps one of the recovery machines that give the best value for your money.  The Inficon vortex comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. However, it’s not one of the lightest recovery machines. Therefore, it’s not the easiest to carry around. However it comes very solid and durable, and then for it to work quietly it comes with a casing that was blow molded.

This helps to soundproof the machine. Maintaining this machine is very easy, all you need to do is activate the self purge function, this helps to drain the fluids from inside the machine. This machine can work with common refrigerants such as HFC, CFC, HCFC, and less popular R410A.

For safety, when the pressure reaches above 500 PSI there’s an automatic shut-off. The Inficon vortex is able to recover both vapor and liquid, although this it does separately. This machine is durable, heavy-duty and it always punches above its weight.

We have one of the finest Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machines here that is awesome and provide instant results with 500 psi pressure, it works on 60 Hertz, overall it is the best choice for you.

7. Yellow Jacket 95730

Yellow Jacket 95730

This is quite a funny name for a refrigerant recovery unit. It’s called Yellow Jacket, even though the machine doesn’t wear a yellow jacket. This machine comes with ½ hp, also features a compressor that doesn’t use oil, this helps with fast recovery of refrigerants including R-410A.

It also has two cylinders. This recovery machine is lightweight, small-sized but it’s not to be underestimated based on size. It is a real giant killer.  It packs so much power that you don’t need external machines, and it even also does the job of bigger recovery machines too.

Clearing up also after the close of work has never been easier. This recovery machine comes with a pressure safety limit. But then again it’s being built in such a way that it takes more, way more work for it to get to the place where the machine needs to short down due to pressure. It comes with a high-quality compressor, which actually works hard to keep the machine temperature low. Working this recovery machine is a breeze, it’s so easy to handle.

It is really powerful and can almost do any task so you can use this recovery machine for commercial and industrial purposes, I would call it the best commercial refrigerant recovery machine 2022 because it justifies what it says and delivers.

8. Mastercool 69100

Mastercool 69100

This recovery machine is for professionals and it works with every kind of refrigerant.  It is also lightweight and portable.  Beginners found this machine very easy to use, setting it up is also a breeze as it comes with very easy to follow instructions. If you’re looking for something to do some heavy lifting recovery, then this might not be the right one for you, but otherwise, it works fine.

The machine performs silently because the fixtures found on the inside have all been isolated. On the outside, there’s a hard casing made from plastic that protects it. The Mastercool 69100 works with an oil-less compressor, which also has an auto shut off, for when the pressure is too much.

There have been complaints from customers about the components of this machine not being very durable, such as the on switch and others. However, the customer service response has always been top-notch with Mastercool.

Do you need the best ac recovery machine with a high volume cooling fan design and hard plastic casing that will surely fit all your needs, you can use it for other purposes as well.

9. Robinair 34788NI

Robinair 34788NI

The design for this recovery machine is quite unique. From our review of previous brands and even models from Robinair, one thing has been popular; most of the products come in box format. This one, however, looks like a bin. And it’s very intentional; it helps to provide room for a bigger display of info.

This model has been regarded by many as the best amongst the Robinair series. This is compatible with all kinds of systems, hybrid, electric, and even standard vehicle Ac system.

It features an automatic refrigerant refill and also an automatic air purge, which helps to remove air that could ruin the system. The machine notifies you when it is time to change the supply tank.

These are not the only automatic features this machine possesses, it also has leak testing, oil inject/drain, which will help you to fix back the lubricant.

Robinair is a worldwide leader in the making of recovery machines, especially those with automatic abilities. Therefore you can trust this model to do exactly what it has been built to do, the brand is trusted.

There is no match for Robinair especially when it comes to refrigerant recovery machines, Undoubtedly, Robinair 34788NI is the best one but it is the most expensive refrigerant recovery machine online.


Things to Look Out for When Purchasing Recovery Machines


This is very important if you are a professional as you’d have to move the machine from site to site. You might also have to climb ladders, roofs, and the likes depending on how your work goes. It’s important you’re able to carry it on ladders and move it.


Some of the best ones are the most expensive. But then again there are good ones which are also affordable. For example, twin cylinders will cost more than single cylinders; however, they would also do the work faster. Basically, you have to compare the speed; portability, and price of whatever you’d be buying to know what combinations would suit you.


Not all recovery machines come with a warranty, you should look for the ones that come with a warranty when making purchases.

What is a refrigerant recovery machine?

A refrigerant recovery machine is a device used in the process of removing refrigerant from a refrigeration system, such as an air conditioning unit or a refrigerator. This machine is designed to safely extract and store refrigerant, which can then be recycled or disposed of properly.

The refrigerant recovery machine works by compressing the refrigerant gas and condensing it into a liquid, which is then collected in a recovery tank for later disposal. These machines are typically used by HVAC technicians and refrigeration professionals to safely and efficiently handle refrigerants during maintenance, repair, or replacement of refrigeration systems.

What are the types of refrigerant recovery methods?

  1. Liquid Refrigerant Recovery: This method involves removing the refrigerant from the system while it is still in a liquid state. The liquid refrigerant is recovered into a recovery cylinder through the use of a recovery machine.
  2. Vapor Refrigerant Recovery: This method involves removing the refrigerant from the system while it is in a vapor state. The vapor refrigerant is recovered into a recovery cylinder through the use of a recovery machine.
  3. Push-Pull Refrigerant Recovery: This method involves pushing the refrigerant out of the system with a recovery machine, and then pulling it back in through another hose. This process is repeated until all of the refrigerant is recovered into a recovery cylinder.
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