10 Best Electric Winches 2021 – Buy Top Rated Electric Winches

Before describing the 10 Best Electric Winches 2021, let’s find out the core meaning of winch; A pulling or lifting motorized device is usually known as the Electric winch. These electric winches are used for multiple uses, an auto winch is mostly used to pull the things, this device is mounted to a vehicle bumper, with the help of steel cable attached with a hook and horizontally rotated around that drum. The Electric motor attached to the drum systematically generates the force on a drum that rotates around its circular orbit and attached cable pulls or lifts the things easily.

There are so many cheap electric winches available in the market as it has become the fastest-growing industry due to a huge demand; it is used in Garages, houses, construction, and industrial areas. It is almost difficult to analyze the difference because the final purpose of the electric winch is almost the same i.e to pull the things but the prices are totally different.

Technology has always thrown some curveballs at customers, creating different options and alternatives. There are some quality electric winches under 100 dollars but you can also find expensive electric winches, depending upon your own choices and requirements.

10 Best Electric Winches 2021 - Buy Top Rated Electric Winches

10 Best Electric Winches 2021 – Buy Top Rated Electric Winches

It is obvious that we can not answer all of your questions regarding electric winches but at least we will try of best to provide you some of the finest and valuable information to push you forward a few steps closer to purchasing your favorite electric winch at an affordable price.

Top 10 Best Electric Winches 2021

1.ZESUPER Electric Winch
Weight: 24 Pounds
Line Pull: 9500 lbs (4310 Kgs)
Dimension: 23.6 x 10.2 x 8.3 Inches
2.ORCISH Electric Winch
Weight: 67.2 Pounds
Line Pull: 13000 lbs ( Kgs)
Dimension: 23.8 x 14 x 10.8 Inches
3.Megaflint Trailer
Weight: 27.4 Pounds
Line Pull: 2000 Pounds
Dimension: 16 x 12.1 x 11 Inches
4.Smittybilt Electric Winch
Weight: 78 Pounds
Line Pull: 9,500Lbs (4,309kgs)
Dimension: 5.4 x 9.4 x 22.3 Inches
5.Bravex Electric Winch
Weight: 18.74 Pounds
Line Pull: 3500 Pounds (1591 Kg)
Dimension: 12.4 x 4.72 x 4.17 Inches
6.WARN Red PullzAlll Electric Winch
Weight: 15 pounds
Line Pull: 1000 Pounds (454 Kgs)
Dimension: 20 x 12.50 x 13.25 Inches
7.Dutton-Lainson Electric Winch
Weight: 36.5 Pounds
Line Pull: 2700 Pounds
Dimension: 12.25 X 10.75 X 10.25 Inches
8.RUGCEL Electric Winch
Weight: 18.52 Pounds
Line Pull: 3500 Pounds (1582 Kgs)
Dimension: 285 x 100 x 106mm
9.X-BULL Electric Winch
Weight: 83.6 Pounds
Line Pull: 12000 (5443 Kgs)Pounds
Dimension: 530 × 165 × 235 mm
10.KEEPER Electric Winch
Weight: 25.2 Pounds
Line Pull: 1500 Pounds
Dimension: 18.2 x 10 x 8 Inches

1. ZESUPER Electric Winch – The Most Affordable Electric Winch 2021

ZESUPER Electric Winch

ZESUPER Electric Winch bears the dynamic resistance to give more power with heavy-duty sealed contactor. It is easy to install and operate. We know that all electric motors have a circular drum to spool the cable and operated by a motor. These motors are directly operated by Direct Current, hence, it has an amazing and powerful motor to drag the things perfectly by producing immense power.

Black Capstan surface gives a unique look and gives you a powerful 9500 pounds line pull which is simply the best if you compare with other electric winches available in the market. You would be surprised to know that it is light to carry and transport from one place to another.

Zesuper includes the powerful rope to pull the heavy objects and vehicles when steel wires are failed to deliver, Zesuper’s cable pull the vehicles up on the lift easily. You have a wireless remote to control the things even if you are sitting in a car you can pick the things easily.

There is no doubt about the features that have been associated with Zesuper are simply awesome and it is really pleasing to get lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty, however, the satisfying results are more than what is shared over here.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 24 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 9500 lbs (4310 Kgs)
  • Dimension: 23.6 x 10.2 x 8.3 Inches
  • Motor: 5.5hp/4.1kw Series Wound
  • Gear Ratio: 265:1
  • Gear System: 3-Stage Planetary
  • Full Load Line Speed: 6.4 ft/min
  • No-Load Line Speed: 24.6 ft/min
  • Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
  • Brake System: Automatic In-Drum
  • Rope Material: Synthetic Rope
  • Fairlead Type: 4-way Roller


  • A decent Hobbyist Winch
  • Elegant in size
  • Lightweight and Hardy
  • The motor is very powerful
  • Wireless Remote Control


  • Brackets made of the worst material
  • No Wiring Diagram

2. ORCISH Electric Winch – The Most Powerful Electric Winch 2021

ORCISH Electric Winch

Those who want a powerful electric winch must try Orcish today because it can pull more than 13000 pounds weight easily. This is specially designed with the water-proof capability and graded with IP67 which is a plus point and can make this elegant as compared to other thousands of the expensive electric winches. Comparatively, it is cheaper than what it delivers.
Buyers must be aware of the components that are very essential and crucial to differentiate because of the similar kind of material. Components such as brakes clutch, motor bracket, plates, rope, and others are sturdy and durable.

We have placed it on the number one rank just because of the pulling power, you can’t imagine that you can full things easily up to 13000 pounds and makes you stress-free in difficult situations, how cool is to operate without using any physical strength? We just like this “WOW” winch addition and glad to share the honest features, you would definitely love to read. If you buy this now, you will get one pair of glove for free for protection purposes while using an electric winch in any situation.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 67.2 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 13000 lbs ( Kgs)
  • Dimension: 23.8 x 14 x 10.8 Inches
  • Motor: 4.6KW
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Rope: 85 feet of 3/8 inch Dyneema Synthetic winch rope
  • Hook: Clevis Hook
  • Remote Control: 2 Wireless Remote Controls


  • Efficient and power
  • Amazing design
  • Powerful pulling power
  • Waterproof Synthetic Winch rope
  • 2 Wireless Remote Controls
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Complex Instructional Manual

3. Megaflint Trailer Electric Winch – Best Marine Electric Winch 2021

Megaflint Trailer Electric Winch

Megaflint Trailer Winch is purely designed for several purposes, you can use for ordinary as well as marine purposes depending upon your course of projects. This is the modern best electric marine winch 2021 that will assist you to drag things from the ocean with 5000 pounds power. The rope is specially designed for marine purposes, however, if you use it on the surface for pulling objects, it can work up 2000 pounds with 6000 pounds rolling capacity.

New upgraded Winch works really fine and gives you dual-mode operation; Power-in and Power-out. It has the stitch option to provide you manual and electric operation, you can use it for your desired purpose. The motor is simply awesome and noise-free.

The market is charging higher prices so you can get essence here to make the smart decision with mind-blowing features, use it for boats, cars, and trucks with 16 feet cord. Check out more information and features given below.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 27.4 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 2000 Pounds
  • Dimension: 16 x 12.1 x 11 Inches
  • Line Speed: 6 Feet/Minute
  • Power Cable: 20’
  • Power Supply: 12 Volts
  • Remote Control: 9’9” Long Remote Control Cord


  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry and transport and unwind
  • Easy to install
  • Unique design and look
  • Very Durable and sturdy
  • Cheap in Price


  • Clutch is complex
  • No proper direction in manual

4. Smittybilt Electric Winch – Best Electric Winch 2021

Smittybilt Electric Winch

Smittybilt Electric Winch is highly rated and amazon’s best-seller with more than 1200 sales worldwide, it is exceptionally great to find associated features at a reasonable price, well, if you just compare the specifications and features you would like to know that you are paying more less than the price mentioned over here.

Satisfactory results speak about the performance of Smittybilt Electric Winch as it is completely waterproof with 500AMP Solenoid and rated IP67. You don’t require further wiring for installation as it comes with complete Kit and recommended wiring system.

Smittybilt offers unique services, you can easily prorate after 3 years at almost 50% replacement cost. If you are familiar with motor mechanisms, it has 6.6 HP Amphibious motor that comes with a 3-stage Planetary Gear System which is simply awesome, placing it among one of the finest electric winches 2021 you must try to buy today. We have placed in the best electric winch category just because of the affordability.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 78 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 9,500Lbs (4,309kgs)
  • Dimension: 5.4 x 9.4 x 22.3 Inches
  • Motor: 6.6hp Series Wound
  • Gear Ratio: 161.28:1
  • Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary
  • Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
  • Brake: Automatic In-Drum
  • Control switch: Remote Switch, 12′ (3.7m) lead
  • Drum size: Diameter 2.5″ (63.5mm).
  • Length: 10.0″ (254mm).
  • Recommended Battery: 650CCA Minimum for Winching.
  • Battery leads: 22mm2, 72″(1.83m).
  • Finish: Textured Black.
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.0 ” x 4.5 “.
  • Overall Dimensions: 20.88″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 7.4″ (H).
  • Cable size: 94′ Length 5/16″ Diameter


  • Very Powerful
  • Big in size but perfect to pull heavy objects
  • Incredible performance
  • Includes Super-fast motor
  • Heavy-duty additional features
  • 9500 Pounds Load capacity


  • Heavy
  • Not Waterproof as claimed

5. Bravex Electric Winch – Cheap Electric Winch 2021

A dynamic change in the electric winch industry has helped to mitigate the prices to an optimal level but you have to be especially perfect before choosing the right one with maximum possible features. In our list, Bravex is the next big giant that affordability, accuracy, durability, and elegance at the extreme, This can be the best option to use on UTVs, Plows, ATVs, Boats, and others.

Maximum capacity of 3500 pounds at a cheap price is negotiable because you are paying too much low as compared to other above mentioned electric winches that’s why we recommend this if you want to save some pennies.

This little monster has alloy steel hook to give you extra security, it is simply awesome and perfect. Moreover, the new electric winch has amazing Rocket Switch that has a wire option for the user to operate the winch easily, don’t worry, you can have a wireless remote control too to work easily without being tangled.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 18.74 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 3500 Pounds (1591 Kg)
  • Dimension: 12.4 x 4.72 x 4.17 Inches
  • Motor Spec: Permanent magnet, 1.1kw/1.5hp
  • Gear Ratio: 153:01:00
  • Gear Train: Dierential Planetary
  • Cable (Dia X L): Diameter(5.3mm) Length (10m/40feet)
  • Control: Cored and Wireless Remote switch
  • Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
  • Braking action: Automatic In-The-Drum


  • Trusted Winch with 3500 Pounds pulling capacity
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Cool and High Power Motor Drive
  • Smooth, reliable and durable
  • Waterproof & Anti-Sediment
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Cable winds on a spindle and gets lumpy

6. WARN Red PullzAlll Electric Winch – Best Portable Electric Winch 2021

WARN Red PullzAlll Electric Winch1

If you want to buy a portable electric winch, Warn Electric Winch is the best portable electric winch which you would surely love to buy. This latest electric winch is equipped with highly recommended material that makes this an awesome and trending product of all time. Surely, you wouldn’t try to buy heavy electric winches because of their weight and heavy electric winches are difficult to install, Warn Red PullzAlll is systematically designed for home and outdoor lifting or pulling.

You can easily drag up to 1000 pounds (454 Kgs)which is enough for casual pulling, lifting or rolling.It requires a 120 Volt AC power source. A new LED indicator is really awesome and shows limit while loading or lifting in order to refrain from overloading.

It is obvious to say that it includes a rope but the important thing is it has 15 feet durable rope designed for industrial purposes that give you a strong feeling of durability while using for personal uses and hook is so amazing as it fits well when you pull things. All in all, it is the most amazing portable electric winch that a householder/head would surely like to purchase.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Line Pull: 1000 Pounds (454 Kgs)
  • Dimension: 20 x 12.50 x 13.25 Inches
  • Brake System: Dynamic
  • Load Indicator: Electronic+Includes LED
  • Power: 24 volt DC/120 Volt AC
  • Trigger: Variable speed
  • Switch: Forward/reverse


  • Easy to carry
  • Small in size
  • Lightweight electric winch
  • Best for home purposes
  • Lightning-Fast Line Speeds
  • LED Display
  • Includes Limiter to load things/objects
  • Cheap in price


  • Not for industrial purposes
  • Poor-Quality

7. Dutton-Lainson Electric Winch – Electric Winch with Remote 2021

Dutton-Lainson Electric Winch

This modern electric winch is smartly manufactured by Dutton-Lainson company which is awesome to deliver quality products with zero tolerance of durability, sturdy design, and power. You can check the size with is so cool that even a kid can easily hold it in his hands.

There is one flaw you must be beware that it is very slow, you can grad up to 4 feet per minute at load and 9 feet per minute at no load that makes it very slow as compared to above mentioned electric winches. However, you can easily use it for domestic purposes as it is a portable electric winch available in 2020 that can do your work easily, not recommended for industrial purposes.

If we discuss the pulling power, you would be surprised to know that this little beast has the ability to drag up to 2700 pounds of weight adding awesomeness into it as the size is small and sturdy and lifting comparatively is much better and attractive than thousands of other electric winches.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 36.5 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 2700 Pounds
  • Dimension: 12.25 X 10.75 X 10.25 Inches
  • Power: 120 Volt AC
  • Cord: 10 Feet
  • Double Line: 4000 Pounds
  • Includes: 7/32 inch x 50 feet aircraft cable + Hook


  • Small in size
  • Easy to install and use
  • Amazing loading and lifting capacity
  • Best electric winch for home
  • Very Heavy duty


  • Very slow

8. RUGCEL Electric Winch – Best Waterproof Electric Winch 2021

RUGCEL Electric Winch

Heavy-duty stainless steel RUGCEL electric winch offers you countless features with a unique resistance to harsh weather with 3500 pounds load ability. If you want a multi-purpose tool to lift or pull heavy equipment, objects or things, RUGCEL is the best choice that can fit easily to your all requirements.
This classy electric winch has IP68 waterproof resistance ability, ensures you to work in harsh and difficult situations. You can control this smart electric winch with the help of a wireless remote. Most importantly, it’s pulling power can drag you out of the vital scenarios or circumstances with minimum possible effort.

RUGCEL electric winch is smartly manufactured with the latest inbuilt features that would surely be beneficial in all aspects, it is the market trust, leadership, quality and associated satisfaction level that makes it one of the best electric winch of all times.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 18.52 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 3500 Pounds (1582 Kgs)
  • Dimension: 285 x 100 x 106mm
  • Motor: 1.2hp 12v series wound motor
  • Clutch: Cam Activated
  • Gear Ratio: 153:1
  • Control: Cable and Remote
  • Gear: 3-stage Planetary
  • Brake System: Mechanical and dynamic
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • Rugcel Winch series: FY-1903


  • Easy Installation
  • Strong, Sturdy and Simple
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Remote Control distance 50 ft
  • Includes Mounting plates for installation


  • Difficult Instruction Manual

9. X-BULL Electric Winch – Best Steel Cable Electric Winch 2021

X-BULL Electric Winch

This new electric winch would surely meet up your target requirements as it has the essence of assurance, quality, power and maximum ability of long-lasting pulling, rolling and lifting heavy objects. It is highly equipped with a powerful mechanism.

Normally users hesitate to purchase steel cable electric winch but you would surely be shocked to know the resistance ability of X-Bull Electric winch, yes, it has 12000 pounds load capacity, more than enough for your domestic and basic business purposes, we can’t say it is fit for industrial purposes but surely it would justify the business requirements elegantly.

X-Bull has a bunch of surprises that not often come with expensive electric winches these days so you must be pretty familiar with these things, otherwise, you will lose your money. This is the best choice if you can afford to pay a little more than usual electric winches. We highly recommend you to check out the below-mentioned details.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 83.6 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 12000 (5443 Kgs)Pounds
  • Dimension: 530 × 165 × 235 mm
  • Motor: 4.5KW, Series Wound
  • Gear Ratio: 265:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary
  • Brake: Automatic Load-Holding Brake
  • Remote: Wireless Remote Control


  • Powerful, efficient and waterproof
  • Automatic Load-Holding
  • It includes a breaker for full safety
  • Quite simple and easy to install
  • Strong share and design
  • Wireless Remote to control


  • No assembly Instructions

10. KEEPER Electric Winch – Best Budget Electric Winch 2021

KEEPER Electric Winch 2020

Last but not the least, Keeper Electric Winch comes the next big thing that has almost every bit of information and features that you have been looking so far. When it comes to quality, it is one of the best and standard products that can do all your tasks professionally well.

Keeper Electric Winch keeps you stress-free and gives you a new horizon that will boost your satisfaction level to an optimal level. Sometimes, it is not the price that matters a lot, in fact, it is the quality that guides you properly to make a smart decision.

With a single pull of 1500 pounds, 1.0 HP 120V AC motor, 3-stage planetary gearbox with super gear train will surely force you to make the smart move and buy this awesome electric winch available in the market and online.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 25.2 Pounds
  • Line Pull: 1500 Pounds
  • Dimension: 18.2 x 10 x 8 Inches
  • Motor: 12 Volt DC
  • Gear Ratio: 265:1
  • Gear System: Spur Gear
  • Clutch: Freewheel
  • Brake System: Mechanical


  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • Pretty unique in features
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful with a unique mechanism


  • Some Parts are cheap in quality

Manual Winches vs. Electric Winches

You must be familiar with the features and price of Manual and Electric Winches so that you can make a solid decision. These factors are really important even if you are planning to replace your old winch or going for a new one, Today, we will discuss every aspect of both Winches that will help you to choose your best winch.

What are the uses of an Electric Winch?

There are enormous uses of an electric winch used for commercial and personal projects. Electric Winch is since a specialized device so it doesn’t come standard on most of the vehicles due to size, shape, and weight.

Electric Winch is used for commercial applications such as to drag or lift heavy equipment or to pull off other vehicles and objects out of muddy or sliding surfaces. Purposes or uses can be different depending upon the situations, winches are used on sailboats as well as off-road vehicles for hauling or hoisting heavy objects.

What are the uses of a Manual Winch?

Manual Winch is the old mechanism of controlling manually rather than an electric motor it has a handlebar that is operated by a person, here you have to pull the things by moving the crank with the help of a lever. Most importantly, manual winches don’t require too much maintenance and these are light in weight and easy to transport.

Why Choose an Electric Winch?

The main reason why electric Winches are used is that these machines help to pull or lift heavy objects easily where manpower fails to do. Now electric winches are easily available in the market and are universally used as you don’t require installation manual to operate. Due to their slick features, you can never neglect the power of electric winches. To pull things at a sharp bending edge is very difficult that’s why these electric winches are used, these are easy to operate and install.


The Framework of an electric winch is comprised of different pieces of machinery and has different sections, It is important for a buyer to get reasonable knowledge about the parts because if we look closer to intricate components then we can find complex essential parts most of us are not even familiar with the names.


Absence of alternator will hurt your winch performance that is the reason that most of the sophisticated companies usually like to use premium quality alternator, it also helps to keep your winch save from overheating and other severe issues.


Modern products are usually dependent upon the battery whether you buy gaming laptops, smartwatches, or electric cars, everything depends upon your battery life, similarly, Electric winches also rely on a battery that has huge importance. Here the purpose of batteries may differ, stock batteries are usually used to start the vehicle, in this case, the battery can be drained so keep your engine running while pulling or lifting it will also increase the battery life.

Quality electric winches are comprised of modern batteries that are used for dual purposes starting and deep cycle batteries. Expensive batteries or heavy-duty batteries can be fruitful to power engines as their quality performance is sustainable and irrefutable.


The drivetrain is a little bit complicated term for those who are not familiar with the mechanical mechanism of machinery, electric winches often come with Drivetrain that has some strengths and weaknesses to give the best possible results. There are three main types of the drivetrain that are mostly used in electric winches.

  • Spur Gear
  • Worm Gear
  • Planetary Gear

All three are used for specific purposes, such as Spur Gear was used in the early 1960s to offer fast line speed and reliable performance. However, it was not stable to hold things. Worm Gear is used for industrial purposes and is not used for off-road vehicles, these are much better than Spur Gear but are slow in speed while Planetary Gear is just like a hybrid drivetrain of Spur Gear and Worm Gear, It is cheap and effective in performance. Heat accumulation on the brake unit makes it a defective.


Selection of Drivetrain may be complicated but you need to check out the importance of a motor, without motor, an electric winch can not become an electric, it is the motor which gives power to a winch that pulls heavy objects easily, there are two types of motors used in electric winch stated as under.

  • Permanent Magnetic
  • Series Wound

Both are used frequently and have distinctive features, Permanent Magnet is the key in electric winches and adds an addition to pulling power and makes the energy-efficient system, most amazingly, they are cheap while Series Wound is energy efficient where PM is unable to resist because of the powerful system but they are a little bit expensive than Permanent Magnetic.

While summarizing the content, it is really a hardcore job for an analyst, expert or a blogger to summarize the product reviews on the behalf of associated features, price, and durability but it also becomes the ultimate way to deliver sophisticated decision making elements that can help users to make smart decisions positively. If you are price conscious, Bravex Electric Winch and ZESUPER Electric Winch are the best options for you but you must not neglect the WARN Red PullzAlll Electric Winch which is portable, it means you can carry this electric winch easily while traveling to your favorite locations. This list of top 10 electric winches would surely add value to you, never forget to share your opinions with us.
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