Top 10 Best Portable Ev Chargers 2021 - Buyer's Guide

Best Portable Ev Chargers 2024

Some of you have heard about the Best Portable Ev Chargers, and some of you have not. For those who have, awesome! For those who are yet to understand what it means, it is time to read up! And we have got you covered for that. So let’s take you to school, for a little bit.

To explain what a Portable EV Charger (EV is abbreviated for Electric Vehicle) is, let us use a scenario that easily appeals to a lot of us out there. And the easiest example is using your phone. Your phone has got a charger? Yes? Good, now you get the idea!

Ev Chargers

Some of these chargers support fast charging (just like your phones) at sometimes higher currents than your residential charging spot.

It is really important to find out what works for your electric car, and stick to it. There are public charging stations in developed countries that utilize the electric car model that relies on charging in order to function at its optimal level.


Precisely, and for some of us who like our gadgets really fancy, you’ve got a wireless charger? So you can place it on a surface, and boom! You’re charging! Well, a Portable EV Charger is just that, but for electric cars. It supplies energy, electric energy to be precise which is meant for the recharging of electric vehicles. To be precise, it is meant for recharging plug-in electric vehicles, and hybrids.

10 Best Portable Ev Chargers 2024

There are usually charging stations that provide the electrical conversion, and they also monitor the charging process to ensure safety and functionality. This works more when you’re traveling long distances.

There are stations provided that are strategically located around retail shopping centers, restaurants, parking lots, coordinated by private organizations. These charging stations provide a wide range of connectors that can handle whatever juice your electric car needs.

OMT Level 2 EV Charger
✓ Best choice
MEGEAR Skysword EV Charger
BougeRV Ev Charger
High quality
Morec EV Charger
PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charger
MUSTART Level 2 EV Charger
MAX GREEN Level 2 EV Charger
Couplago Ev Charger
Duosida Ev Charger

1. OMT Level 2 EV Charger

Orion Motor Tech Level 2 EV Charger

Every car owner knows how much it costs to repair a car and how old the repair tools are. That’s why Orion Motor Tech is here to create best quality products, you can get the best Ev alternative for your car to charge.

Whether you run an automotive store or are just looking for a quality automotive tool, we’d love to help you find what you need. As a professional manufacturer of automotive tools, we are driven to provide top quality products and wonderful user experiences for both professional and amateur mechanics.

This Level 1 electric vehicle charger works within the 110 – 240 volts, this EV charger is compatible with a number of vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt EV, Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Fiat 500e, Ford Fusion, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, BMW i3, Ford C-Max Energi, Tesla Model S, Tesla 3, and Tesla X.

Being compatible with multiple power sources it is lightning-proof, and the multiple layers of protection ensure it does not overheat, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to power surges. The LED charge status helps you pinpoint the charger’s working condition with its fast-acting charge.

2. MEGEAR Skysword EV Charger

Zencar Level 1-2 EV Charger

Electric vehicle charging equipment from Megear is one of the top 5 brands in the North American market for electrical vehicle charging.

We’re a company with many years of R&D experience, and we’re dedicated to provide our customers with high quality portable chargers, so that they can charge their portable devices more environmentally, safer, and powerful.

This EV charger gives you the chance to charge through your usual 120 volts wall plug. The good thing with that is that it has got faster-charging speed. Using the level 2 charging setup, electric vehicles have been known to charge up to 11 miles per hour, and it gets faster.

With a 220 volt setup, it charges three times as fast, It is multi-usable, which means it works well with any other electric vehicle, although you need a Tesla supplied adapter when using it with a Tesla X. You don’t have to worry about power surges, heating, or water issues.

3. BougeRV Ev Charger

BougeRV Level 2 EV Charger

BougeRV is an outdoor apparel and accessories brand that embraces a vision of “limitless energy, limited life” and encourages a positive and sustainable outdoor life.

To make it easier to charge your Tesla, we’ve added a variety of charging solutions including EV charger/ EV charger holder/ Tesla accessories.

The BougeRV Level 2 EV Charger almost like its counterparts have got fast charging speeds. It also has an edge in ease of usage for the average customer, so it’s easy to install which makes it very practical which is an important factor in picking which charger to go for.

With its portable charger that is compatible with a lot of other electric vehicles and designed for multiple sockets. The control box that displays the charge status helps you keep track of how fast your car charges, designed stylishly enough to help you count down to your take-off period.

4. Morec EV Charger

Morec EV Charger Level 2

This EV charger is recommended for you to charge your car 6 times faster than other EV chargers you ever used. 20ft (6m) cable permit you to park your car 100 square meters around the outlet.

When traveling, you don’t need to worry about your batteries, because our portable power bank can be carried in the car and you can check every charging data by the huge LCD screen on the charger.

Now when you talk about getting value for money, a charger that goes at blazing speed, portability, ease of usage, a foolproof means of utility especially when you’re always on the move, as well as an optimally high level of security, then you’ve got a friend in the Morec EV Charger.

It’s Level 2 charger charges six times faster than regular EV chargers, it’s handy enough for you to take it with your car, the high strength material of which it is made of, gives you a feel of the quality and durability it possesses. So rest easy, this big boy has got your back!

5. PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charger

PRIMECOME Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

PRIMECOMTECH is making its own SMART chargers circuit board-intelligent Chip & software in the USA unlike other chargers which only dump the current all at once.

Your EV charger can communicate with your EV through the data connection port to gather 6 different types of data such as, ambient and battery temperature, the EV’s current battery level, its battery capacity, etc. You can adjust the voltage to get the most life expectancy from your battery.

Now, this comes with a nice blend of safety, security, and the present-day tech-smartness that all you tech-lovers of today will adore. With the three times as fast charging capacity no thanks to its Level 2 chargers, its 16 amp model gives you about 12 miles range per hour.

To top up, it is universally compatible. I’ll say that again, it works with ALL brands of Electric Vehicles. And it is safe and secure, with all the certifications it has acquired and the tests it has undergone. This masterpiece is one beauty you would want to keep in your gallery, and I’m not talking short-term.

6. MUSTART Level 2 EV Charger

MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV charger

The NEW MUSTART upgraded level 2 EV charger is more sturdy and powerful that contains more sensitive chips, higher waterproof level and better abrasion resistance, can charge your car up to 2.5X faster than the 16A level 2 EV charger.

This quick charger is 5 times faster than the standard 16A Level 1 charger. Most electric vehicles are shipped with a Level 1 charger. They are compatible with most electric vehicles.

The MUSTART Level 2 EV Charger prides itself upon compatibility, which ensures that it works with practically all plug-in electric vehicles. The sturdiness of its charger charges your car twice as fast in comparison to the usual level 2 EV chargers. Its four times as fast for the level 1 EV chargers.

The charger is more sensitive and offers a lot of resistance to abrasion which means it’s got you covered in the long-lasting department. They spared no expense for its high quality and its convenience. The cable is almost 25 feet long and it’s usability is right up there with ‘as easy as the word itself.

7. MAX GREEN Level 2 EV Charger

MAX GREEN Level 2 EV Charger

MAXGREEN Intelligent Chip is developing a new category of chip with new technology, and this is comply with the industry standard and regulation in US. The charging status of your battery is shown on the LCD. The charging status of the battery is displayed on the display.

The MAXGREEN EV Charger adjusts to your battery’s rated current, so it can charge your car at different current rates without worrying about a dead battery. It’s the perfect choice for those who own more than one EV or love to travel.

The delay timer is designed to control the charging period. You can choose to charge your car immediately, or you can delay charging until 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours. It’s smart to save the most money during off-peak periods and times because they’re generally cheaper than peak periods and times.

You also observe how fast it’s charging, time remaining, and more. The awesome part about it is that you can charge at home and on the go. Compatible with a lot of EV’s from Tesla, Chrysler, to the Prius, Mitsubishi, BMW i3 and the likes. This EV charger is definitely one tough cookie!

8. MEGEAR Skysword Level 1 EV Charger

Zencar Level 1 EV Charger

This is an EV charging cable. It’s designed to charge your electric vehicle, and is compatible with the latest generation of electric vehicles. Our smart-chip detection system in MEGEAR Skysword electric vehicle charger can detect all aspects of the charging progress, including overheating, current overflow, power surge, low voltage, power overload, leakage to ensure safety and protection.

The good thing with this level 1 electric vehicle charger is it does not need assembling. All you need do is plug it into an existing NEMA5-15 or 5-20 socket, plugin and you’re charging away. It’s level 2 EV charger works pretty good with any electric vehicle on the road.

This includes the Tesla Models too, except for the Tesla X, where you have to use the Tesla supplied adapter). With its fast charging capabilities, multiple layers of protection (flame resistance, lighting-proof, over voltage, overheating and waterproof) you can be sure that this beauty is worth it’s weight in gold, or is it greens?

9. Couplago Ev Charger

Couplago Max4evs

This battery charger will charge all the batteries you need for a full day of activity. The battery charger has a max output of 40 amps and will charge at levels of 120V and 230V.

A charging station that can charge a Tesla car’s battery to full in about four hours will be available in the next year. You can also charge it with 120V and 240V. The 40 amp, 24 amp, 12 amp, YOU select the amps, Durable and Rugged.

This charger maximizes your charging time, works with most all EV vehicles (including all Tesla, Fords, Leafs, and all others sold in North America), and adds up to 30+ miles of range per hour of charging. It also has a level 1 output that provides you with a 120V outlet for a level 1 charge.

Armed with an impressive level of Couplago technology, this level 2 charger meets the quality control standards, which means it is one that was deliberately put together for efficiency. Quick charging gives it the edge of charging 6 times as quickly, unlike the standard domestic power outlets. And that’s not all.

Its connector is able to charge almost all-electric cars, it works with any plug outlet anywhere, with its automatic detection function that ensures you charge at the maximum, this masterpiece lets you charge safely, and does you one better by saving you valuable time, and you can be sure it won’t overheat!

10. Duosida Ev Charger

Generic Level 1-2 Charger

Duosida is a leader in the design and manufacture of electric vehicle charging components. The Duosida 16 Amp Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is a perfect solution for low-cost charging in your home or office at up to 3.84 kilowatts. Plug the charging port into the vehicle charging port and it will start charging your electric vehicle.

For an electric vehicle charger that can work with both levels 1 and 2, it has a three times faster capacity to charge on time than most level 1 charger. For those who don’t know how to work it out, they added an instruction manual to help out with the setup!

Compatibility levels are right there on the top with most of the electric vehicles, so it chargers almost all EVs, and is affordable so you are sure you will not have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to get it. Value for money well spent.


1. Are there portable chargers for Tesla?

The answer is a big, resounding Yes! There is a Gen2 Mobile Connector by Tesla that is used specifically for its electric car models but it has been reported in January 2019 that Tesla released a portable wall connector with a 14-50 plug for Electric Vehicle charging.

The charging device goes for $500 on its website and is practically easy to install and make use of. With an assured 25% faster charge rate than its predecessor, it provides 40amps of power for Tesla electric cars ranging from Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range to the Model S, and the Model X vehicles.

2. Can you charge an electric car from solar panels?

Another big yes ladies and gentlemen! A solar panel will charge your electric car just as well as it can supply energy to your house and all your appliances.

It has been discovered that a small solar panel array with anything from as little as 6 to as many as 12 solar panels will produce enough energy to power your electric car’s battery for regular usage. The good news is you get a 2-in-1 combo: you save a serious load of cash from having to go all out or search for a charging station, and the environment will thank you for it!

4. What is a Level 1 Charger?

level 1 charger is an electronic vehicle charger that provides charging through a 120 volt AC (that’s Alternating current for you techno people) plug and specifically requires a dedicated circuit.

Broken down in plain English, this just means plugging your car into the everyday standard household outlet, but the catch is you have to ensure it is an outlet that is utilized for charging your electric car only, so you can’t plug in anything else. For a level 1 electric vehicle charger, for every hour of charge you get, you get 4.5 miles of range, termed by Range Per Hour (RPH).

5. What is a Level 2 Charger?

There’s a level 2 charger? Of course, there is! A level 2 electric car charger talks about the voltage the vehicle’s charger utilizes. It is a whole lot higher than the usual household outlet that needs only 120 volts.

The level 2 charger requires 240 volts and also comes in a variety of amps (amperages) which go from 16 to 40 amps. Unlike the level 1 charger that gives you 4.5 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH), the level 2 charger gives about 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH).

6. What does EV charging mean?

An EV charger plugs into the electric grid it’s hardwired to to provide power for charging your car. The electric grid is like any other home or building power supply, except it’s been wired for a new purpose.

7. What are the types of Charging?

Level1, Level2, Level3, Higher the level, the faster the charging. Tesla uses fastest charging system.

8. Can non Teslas use superchargers?

Tesla has expanded its Supercharger network by allowing non-Tesla owners to charge their electric vehicles. There are two charging networks for EVs; the first is for Tesla owners and the other is for all other electric vehicles.

9. Is Level 2 charging AC or DC?

There are three levels of EV charging: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 that is also known as DC fast charging. There is a difference between the input voltages of Level 1 and Level 2.


If I would have to pick a winner, my money would be on “The PRIMECOME Ev chargers” as these Ev chargers are really easy to carry and use. For an electric vehicle charger, safety, stability, and reliability are extremely important when I have to make a choice for an EV charger. These factors cannot be overemphasized or compromised upon, pricey as the PRIMECOME might be, it is worth its weight in gold and will definitely serve for a long period of time. Its features make it one you can depend on, compatibility and usability wise.

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