Fitbit Versa Swimming Manual: Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof?

Is The Fitbit Versa Waterproof?

Fitbit Versa:

Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof – Fitbit Versa Swimming Manual will help you but First of all, let me tell you honestly, Fitbit Versa is not a Fitness band that is only concerned with Fitness related modules.

it’s a smartwatch, probably one of the best smartwatches with a wide range of features at the minimum possible rate. That’s what each one of us is expecting today, to save money, why not to make a smart decision by choosing Fitbit Versa if you are making up your mind to buy the Apple Smartwatch, before going further, Let’s have a look at the Fitbit Versa’s enormous features.

Fitbit Versa Swimming Manual: Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof?
Fitbit Versa Swimming Manual: Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof?

Versa is technically designed to provide a maximum range of facilities at a low price, for more information you can read “Apple smartwatch series Vs Fitbit Versa” for further assistance, you can make the most of it by installing Versa Apps for free. All you need is to have a piece of proper knowledge about how to use these amazing features. You can get the following features in one box.

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Fitness & Sleep TrackingHeart RateApps, Music & Notifications4+ Day Battery Life (Limited uses of Apps)Swim-proofPersonal CoachingLightweightDurableSleek

Fitbit Versa Swimming Manual:

We have a detailed list of possible questions to cover up the Swimming Manual with Answers, which you can read out without wasting your precious time. We hope it would help you a lot in a better way.

Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof?

People ask the same question “Is Fitbit Versa Waterproof?” and the answer is simple, “Yes, Fitbit Versa is water-resistant up to 50 meters“. You don’t have to switch to any other mode, just jump into the water and enjoy. Few customers have a complaint after being in the water, therefore, you are supposed to check the watch first if it is still within the warranty date. You can send it back to the manufacturer.

Does the Warranty come with the Fitbit Versa?

Yes, you can have a 1-year warranty with the Fitbit Versa. If you have any issues regarding water resistance, you can get a claim as early as possible.

How can we Set the Pool Length?

Before you start your swim, please enter the pool length in meters or yards as a default length until you change it. If you are swimming in another pool you have to change it accordingly.

Fitbit App:

  • Turn on “Swim tracking”.
  • Tap “Account Icon” from the Dashboard.
  • Now Tap on Exercise under the Goals option
  • Tap “Swimming” and then “Auto-recognize”
  • Adjust your time if you want to include more time to swim, Tap on “Swim Longer Than”

Pool Length:

  • Click on Account Icon
  • Now tap on Settings and further tap on Advanced settings
  • Tap now on “Swimming Setting”
  • Enter Pool length in “Meters or Yards”

Which stroke can you use to swim?

The most recommended swimming style is Freestyle but you can also swim the other three ways like backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

A note about “waterproof”

You can go under the water up to 50 meters, though it can be used for scuba diving but try not to go deeper than 160 feet because it is not technically designed to resist so much pressure, however, you can use it while taking your shower and swimming in a pool.

Please, don’t wear a leather band

It is highly recommended that you must not choose a leather band if you have the plan to use it for swimming, leather will slowly dry out and it’ll start to degrade. The best option is to use silicone followed by woven nylon because it dries off easily.

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