Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home Workout

Mini Exercise bikes are the best alternative to treadmills that are expensive and heavy, a good number of people are not aware that there is even anything called mini bikes. To start today’s article we’ll first attempt to explain what it is and then what it can do for you. This is some sort of exercise bike, but a more stripped-down version of a bike. This is essentially a bike, but without seats, nor wheels, no handlebars, and nothing actually that tells you this is a bike except for the pedals.

10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2021 for Home Workout - Buyer's Guide

10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home Workout – Buyer’s Guide

Therefore what you’re looking at here is something really small as compared to your normal bike.  For those who are short on space, or who want a portable means to exercise, the mini bike offers a way for that to happen. The major function of these bikes is for exercising.

You can use them to exercise while you do other things. So, for example, you can be seated behind your desk reading emails while your leg is cycling underneath. Or you could be seated watching tv, while you pedal also. They do have lots of health benefits. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at some of the best mini exercise bikes.

Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home Workout

1.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutDeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike
Dimension: 24x 20×10 in
Weight: 23 Pounds
Color: White
2.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutSunny Health & Fitness Bike
Dimension: 22x18x14.7 in
Weight: 21 Pounds
Color: Grey
3.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutWuaz Mini Exercise Bike
Dimension: 47×29.5×29 cm
Weight: 8 Kg
Color: Black
4.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutMarcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike
Dimension: 52x25x38 in
Weight: 59 Pounds
Color: Black
5.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutHausse Mini Exercise Bike
Dimension: 13.7x15.7x11.6 in
Weight: 8.2 Pounds
Color: Black & White
6.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutMagneTrainer-ER Bike
Dimension: 16x9x16 in
Weight: 23 Pounds
Color: Black
7.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutWonder Maxi Under Desk
Dimension: 9.8×13.3×25.19 in
Weight: 19.1 Pounds
Color: White
8.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutMaxkare Exercise Bike
Dimension: 23.6×21.8×12.6 in
Weight: 18.5 Pounds
Color: Black & Silver
9.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutBookcycle Mini Exercise Bike
Dimension: 9.6x16x12.6 in
Weight: 13 Pounds
Color: Black
10.Top 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2022 for Home WorkoutTechmoo Pedal Exerciser
Dimension: 14.2×20.7×13 in
Weight: 5.51 Pounds
Color: Black & Grey

1. DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike – Best Mini Exercise Bike 2022

DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike


  • Dimension: 24x 20×10 in
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Special Features: exercise at desk

What We like:

  • Noiseless
  • You can multitask at certain speeds
  • Has a sleek low profile can fit under low desks
  • Has different resistance levels
  • Comes with LCD screen for monitoring progress

DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike Review:

This is an aptly named fitness equipment because it has been designed with the office worker in mind. The fitness of the desk worker is one of the problems this company is trying to solve and in that vein, the size of the desk and even small desks have been put into consideration in the making of this bike.

Don’t be dismayed that the DeskCycle Mini exercise bike comes small in size, it’s actually intentional. We usually focus upon the size but it is not always true. The low profile of this bike can even fit under desks which are 27 inches in height; this is a good thing because most office desks are around 30 inches.

Tall users of this product though will need extra room space. This means that they may have to move their chair backward to solve this to some extent. But will you be able to work with your chair back, well it depends on how further back your chair is. It comes with adjustable resistance up to 5 levels, this you can do with a knob which can be found in front of the appliance. And it comes with an LCD screen which one can see speed, calories burnt, time spent and those kinds of details. Using the machine after unpacking is simple; all you need to do is assemble the machine, which is easy to do.

Our Verdict: Deskcycle is one of the very popular companies as far as stationary mini bikes are concerned, amazingly, It is the best alternatives to Ab rollers and Dumbbells because you don’t need workout schedule, you can use it while working at home or offices. We really love the fact that this fits under the desk. In fact, that is it’s selling point. The equipment is sturdy and it’s worth the price which it’s sold for.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Bike – Mini Pedal Exercise Bike 2022

Sunny Health & Fitness Bike


  • Dimension: 22x18x14.7 in
  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Max User Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Tension: 8 Levels

What We like:

  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Amazon bestseller
  • 8 tension controller levels
  • Works both for hand and leg exercises

Sunny Health & Fitness Bike Review:

This particular brand is Amazon’s choice for under desk bike pedal exercisers. This means a lot, first, it would mean that it is close to being a best seller, and then it’s got rave reviews. The bike comes with many great features that we love.

One is that you can use it for your arms as well as your legs, it’s that versatile. It comes with safety straps which can be adjusted for either foot use or hand use. The device is quite sturdy, therefore it doesn’t move around while you’re using it, whether on the table or underneath. It comes with a handle for ease of mobility. It features a controller for 8 levels of tension, and then it also comes with an LCD screen that takes note of the speed, calories burned, distance covered amongst others.

As far as tension is concerned, don’t expect much from this bike, after all, it’s a mini exercise bike. It’s mainly for those with sedentary jobs seeking to keep fit.  If you are an athlete, this definitely will not do the job for you, it doesn’t have strong enough tension for that. If you are to use this under your desk then it is important that you check your desk clearance, otherwise, your knees will keep knocking against the top of the desk.

Our Verdict: Sunny health is one of the best in the game. Not just do they make sturdy exercise equipment, they are also versatile, they can be used for both arm and leg exercises. They are silent, and they come at a good price. You need to check out the list of some of the best folding bikes to carry out outdoor activities.

3. Wuaz Mini Exercise Bike – Exercise Mini Bike 2022

Wuaz Mini Exercise Bike


  • Dimension: 47×29.5×29 cm
  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Color: Black
  • Max User Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Tension:  Levels

What We like:

  • Saves Space
  • LCD monitor for tracking your workout
  • Sturdy frame and non-slip feet for safety
  • Ideal for impact exercise rehabilitation
  • Supports 220 lbs maximum user weight

Wuaz Mini Exercise Bike Review:

Who says that you have to be sedentary when watching tv, or when gaming, when sitting on the sofa or when working at your desk job? The time for being inactive due to your job has passed. With an exercise bike, while working you can also workout. And that’s what the Wuaz electric exercise bike is about.

It’s small enough to fit under your desk at work, such that you can pedal while working. The bike is also light enough for you to move it around if need be. It’s also stationary enough that it doesn’t move around as you work out on it. The Wuaz mini exercise bike is suitable not just for leg work, but also for arm work. It can also be used as a form of rehabilitation for those with mobility issues, either due to age, health challenges, or accidents.

It comes with an electrically powered LCD monitor which can show you important exercise details such as distance covered, count, exercise time, calories burnt, and t-count. You can adjust the resistance according to your needs. Of course, if you have too much resistance you might not be able to work and exercise at the same time. However, in front of the tv, you can go as hard as; you’d like.

Our Verdict: Wuaz Mini Exercise Bike has all kinds of features that can fall you in love with this magical little beast, you can burn your fat fast without using any supplements or pills, just follow your routine properly whether you are inside of your house or outside, it is portable and lightweight, don’t worry about it while traveling or going somewhere else.

4. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike – Mini Exercise Bike 2022

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike


  • Dimension: 52x25x38 in
  • Weight: 59 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Inseam Length: 30-33 in
  • Battery: 2AA
  • Resistance: 8 level

What We like:

  • Bike is silent
  • Amazing and decent design
  • It’s perfectly suitable for mindless spinning
  • The machine is comfortable
  • It can be adjusted for your height

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review:

A lot of the mini bikes that we know and are used to are under desk bikes or tabletop bikes that can also be used for the hands. The Marcy magnetic bike, however, is not exactly like this. It’s a mini bike quite alright, but it’s not being designed to be used under the desk, neither is it for use on top of it. We commonly misuse the mini bikes with folding bikes, actually, folding bikes help you to travel outside while mini exercise bikes are designed for indoor activities, anyway, you can also check out the best budget folding bikes in case if you are planning a bike to go outside of your home, travelling becomes easy, by the way.

It’s a stationary bike, but a way smaller version that can be used right in your living room. It comes adjustable, that is the seat can be adjusted depending on your height and what’s comfortable for you. The length of the bike is also adjustable so that you can have your legs at any length that you want it. With this equipment, you don’t need to visit the gym for a stationary bike or cardio exercise. This is because you can increase the resistance or reduce it as you deem fit.

It has a digital tracking panel, for you to track your speed, distance, time, and calories and all this can be done at the touch of a button.  This exercise bike is comfortable, that is both the seat and the handle of the bike. You’d enjoy using it, to burn calories. It is the best solution for both beginners and experts.

Our Verdict: Macy’s are experts at creating this sort of thing. So for a recumbent bike, it would suffice. For athletes though, this might not suffice, the resistance doesn’t get very hard.  It is easy to use though and would serve most people.

5. Hausse Mini Exercise Bike – Cheap Mini Exercise Bike 2022

Hausse Mini Exercise Bike


  • Dimension: 13.7×15.7×11.6 in
  • Weight: 8.2 Pounds
  • Color: Black & White
  • Material: Metal + Plastic

What We like:

  • Unique design
  • Portable hand feature
  • Adjustable resistance level
  • Rugged and durable build
  • LCD screen monitors all your activities
  • Customer care agents are excellent

Hausse Mini Exercise Bike Review:

This exercise machine comes in a shape different from the other under-desk mini bikes. This could actually be a disadvantage, due to the fact that your desk will need extra clearance. You’d need for your table to be at least 47 inches in length.

This unit is versatile, so it can be used for the hand or for the leg. You can also use it at home or at the office since it is portable. Apart from plain exercising, you can use it as some sort of therapy tool. It can be used to relieve tension, increase circulation, and do much more. It features a multi-functional LCD monitor display, which is also easy to read. On the screen you can see speed, time spent, distance covered and calories burnt.

For a wide range of participants, we have a knob that is easy to reach. The job of this knob is to control the tension and resistance of the machine. This can then be used by both beginners and experts. However, for experts who really want to burn a lot of calories, they might have to do higher intensity exercise on a treadmill in a gym or a stationary bike in a gym. However, for the fellow who’s just looking to keep active, this is a good choice. It’s rated #1 best seller in physical therapy leg exercisers.

Our Verdict: The Hausse portable exercise bike is not exactly the easiest mini bike to assemble. This would definitely take some time and trial and error. However, with some patience, you’d get it. We like the fact that it’s not just being built for exercise but also for those who need therapy. It’s also very versatile and well built. And given the price at which it comes, this is a good deal.

6. MagneTrainer-ER Bike – Best mini Bike for Exercise 2022

MagneTrainer-ER Bike


  • Dimension: 16x9x16 in
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic

What we like

  • Suitable for therapy and mobility rehabilitation
  • Adjustable Velcro strap for different foot sizes
  • 15 inches steel base for stability
  • Has wider and stronger resistance than most competitors
  • Runs almost silently

MagneTrainer-ER Bike Review:

Here’s another Amazon’s choice for magnet trainer.  This is a mini exercise bike alright, but it looks different from many other mini bikes. The first difference is that it’s not small enough to be used under the desk. But then that’s not so much of a problem, because it can be used in any other place.

It also comes with a patented magnetic resistance, this gives more than twice the range of most mini exercise bikes. It works for your hands as well as your legs, and it also has a wide base for good balance. So you don’t have it turning over as you use it. The legs are over 15 inches wide, that’s more than enough base for excellent stability. And then with adjustable Velcro straps on the bike’s pedals, all sizes of the foot can be accommodated.

So whether you’re sitting watching TV, reading a book or even on the phone. Apart from using them for exercise, they are also designed to be used for therapy. Don’t be surprised if you find them in a therapist’s office or a doctor’s office. To use it while working at a desk, you’d need a tall desk for that. So maybe a desk which is height adjustable will do. You should be aiming for a desk that is at least 34 inches.

Our Verdict: The fact that this appliance is present even in the chiropractor’s office is something that we like. It comes with heavy-duty German flywheels, and like all things German it is durable. It is durable and versatile and will last for a long time.

7. Wonder Maxi Under Desk – Best Under Desk Mini Bike 2022

Wonder Maxi Under Desk


  • Dimension: 9.8×13.3×25.19 in
  • Weight: 19.1 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal + Plastic

What We like:

  • Anti-slip pedals will amaze you
  • It can easily fit under low desks
  • Works for both arms and legs
  • Good tension for a good exercise
  • Comes with wide feet for stability

Wonder Maxi Under Desk Review:

Not many mini bikes work for use under your work desk, especially if you don’t have a tall desk or something that the height can be adjusted, but not this one. The Wonder Maxi mini exercise bike has been particularly created to be used under the desk. This basically means that while you work at your desk your legs can be moving underneath.

This workout tool comes with a low profile, it will even fit desks which are as low as 27 inches, there are not many mini bikes that can make these claims.  It comes with non-slip feet, therefore there’s nothing to fear about it moving away from you, or not staying stationary as you exercise.  To also increase the stability, you can use it on a carpet.

The wonder maxi under the desk is sturdily built and it will last a long time. It comes with a multi-functional LCD display which is very easy to read. It has data such as time, speed, distance, and calories burnt. This machine comes built with a magnetic tension control system, it gives 8 levels of quiet tension resistance, so that you work out can remain challenging. Even an expert-level user would sweat on the highest level of tension on this bike.

Our Verdict: The wonder maxi under desk pedal exerciser is exactly what it is said to be, an under-desk mini bike and we like that a lot. We also like the fact that it comes with wide legs for your stability. This device is worth the amount which it is being sold for and it will last the test of time.

8. Maxkare Exercise Bike – Best Exercise Bike 2022

Maxkare Exercise Bike


  • Dimension: 23.6×21.8×12.6 in
  • Weight: 18.5 Pounds
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Resistance level: 16

What We like:

  • Resistance bands for arm exercise
  • Low profile machine
  • Non-slip foot pedal
  • Studded bottom for stability
  • More than 15 difficulty levels

Maxkare Exercise Bike Review:

What are some reasons why people use minibikes? Versatility, portability, and ease of use of some of the best reasons, these things are used. Maxkare stationary bikes excel in these cases.  To even improve on its features, it comes with a low profile to fit under desks and then a resistance band for use with the arm.

This multi fitness machine like many other mini bikes are designed for the legs, but this one not only works for the legs, it also includes arm exercises. There are two ways one can do arm exercises with this equipment. First is the pedals, putting it on the table, you can use your arms to pedal it and then bands. We love the versatility of this exercise bike because it provides a unique way with which to use in exercising the arms.

This unique way comes in the form of a resistance band. You could exercise your arms and your legs simultaneously, just like one who’s doing some cross country skiing.  These and more are some of the reasons why we love this bike. To help with stability, it features wide feet, anti-slip rubber, and finally anti-slip studs underneath it. Irrespective of the surface where you put this, it’s going to remain stationary and also not ruin your surface.

Our Verdict: The versatility of this exercise equipment is never in question. It’s easy to use, easy to carry, and has excellent stabilizers. With 16 resistance levels, you’ll surely be able to break a sweat before you are done, irrespective of your fitness level.

9. Bookcycle Mini Exercise Bike – Exercise Bike for home 2022

Bookcycle Mini Exercise Bike


  • Dimension: 9.6x16x12.6 in
  • Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Flywheel: 5 Pounds

What We like:

  • The equipment is affordable
  • It’s portable
  • It has a small footprint
  • Awesome metal flywheel for durability
  • The best gift that can be used for therapy

Bookcycle Mini Exercise Bike Review:

Here’s a mini exercise machine that comes in the black color. Now, this is not quite a popular color as far as exercise bikes are concerned, but it works well with the equipment. This bike not only can be used for the legs like so many others, but it can also be used as a tabletop exercise. And of course, you use your hands to pedal.

So this provides workout not just for the lower body but also for the upper body, that is the arms. This bike can also fit under a desk, therefore you can get to use it at work. Not only will this bike help you keep fit, but it will also tone your arms and legs. And it can also serve as a therapy or just a way to get the blood flowing, after hours of being sedentary.

The design is also compact and portable, you can store it in small spaces, such as under the desk, in the closet or just in a corner of the house. For stability, it comes with four feet fitted with anti-skid rubber. Not only would this make the workout more comfortable, but it would also make it safer. For you to monitor what you are doing, such as how much time you’ve spent working out or how many calories you’ve burnt, there’s an LCD screen.

Our Verdict: This is a good product, it does exactly what it has been advertised that it would do. However, there’s a challenge that might be a deal-breaker here. It seems to have been made for smaller sized people. Average-sized sneakers might not be able to fit and the straps are not comfortable to be used barefoot.

10. Techmoo Pedal Exerciser – Best Pedal Exerciser 2022

Techmoo Pedal Exerciser


  • Dimension: 14.2×20.7×13 in
  • Weight: 5.51 Pounds
  • Color: Black & Grey
  • belt length: 11.5 in

What We like:

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to move
  • Low resistance for those who want a leisurely pace
  • Fits under low desks
  • Sturdy and easy to use

Techmoo Pedal Exerciser Review:

This is a compact magnetic stationary bike. It has been made with a low design so that it can fit under your desk at the office or at home. The Techmoo pedal exerciser was created as a way for you to get the blood flowing at the office where one would normally be sedentary.

Therefore it was designed majorly with low resistance so that you can pedal it as you work or as you sit and watch tv. You can pedal it back and front and you can also use it in exercising your arms. You can do this for long periods of time, in order to get a mild exercise. The knob for making an adjustment is easy to reach, and it can be raised to make it just a little bit difficult.

It works with magnetic resistance, therefore the machine works silently. This bike features a non-slip pedal which also comes adjustable. To make it easier to use, it’s fitted with rubber stabilizers to help it stay stable.  To aid assembly, the equipment comes with a manual that has easy to follow assembly instructions. The assembly just needs four steps and you’re done.

Our Verdict: For all intents and purposes, this is a good product. With its low resistance, it can serve as a therapy tool also, not just exercise. The LCD monitor is powered by batteries, you might want to make that consideration as you purchase. It is highly recommended because it is the lightweight bike that is easy to carry and transport, I would say that it is the best portable mini exercise bike these days.

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