How to Remake in VALORANT Game?

How to Remake in VALORANT Game?

As a dedicated VALORANT player, navigating the ranks can be challenging enough when competing on an even playing field. However, the difficulty level skyrockets when a teammate disconnects, leaving your team at a disadvantage.

Thankfully, Riot Games has implemented a valuable feature in VALORANT known as the remake, which enables your team to gracefully forfeit a match without suffering any consequences.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to execute a remake in VALORANT.

Step by Step Guide:

Understanding the Remake Feature in VALORANT Firstly, let’s clarify what a remake entails in VALORANT. A remake is a mechanism designed to rectify unfair matches where one or more players experience disconnection issues. This system empowers players to terminate games within the first two rounds without enduring any negative impact on their ranked Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

Steps to Initiate a Remake in VALORANT To initiate a remake in VALORANT, follow these steps:

  1. Press Enter to activate the chat function, then type “/remake” and send the message. This action triggers a lobby vote, which prompts all connected players on your team to decide whether to proceed with a remake or not.
  2. All players must reach a consensus by voting “yes” in order for the remake to be successfully executed. Collaborative agreement from every connected player is essential to proceed with the remake process.
  3. Once all players have cast their affirmative votes, the match will automatically conclude. The game will promptly terminate if the remake vote receives unanimous approval.

Please refer to the accompanying image for a visual representation of the remake voting screen:

Accept Remake Option
Accept Remake Option

It’s important to note that a remake can only be initiated if one or more players disconnect before the commencement of the first round. Any member of the affected team can trigger the prompt by employing the “/remake” command. Furthermore, the remake option remains available until the second round, provided that the disconnected player(s) has not yet reconnected.

Regrettably, remakes cannot be triggered if a player disconnects in the middle of a round. The remake command will be inaccessible under such circumstances.

Additionally, remakes are not applicable to premade groups of five players. However, if you are playing with a duo or in a trio, your team can still opt for a remake.

Unveiling the Effects of a Remake in VALORANT:

When it comes to the question of what transpires when you initiate a remake in VALORANT, the answer is quite straightforward. Opting for a remake holds numerous advantages, as it is fundamentally distinct from forfeiting a match. By choosing to remake, you safeguard your Ranked Rating (RR) without enduring the arduous task of playing an entire game at a disadvantage. It is always in your best interest, as well as that of your team, to vote ‘yes’ when presented with a remake opportunity.

The remake vote remains active throughout the buy phase of the second round. If the vote fails to garner enough support, it will expire, similar to a forfeit vote. Due to the resemblance between forfeit and remake votes, players who have yet to encounter the remake option may initially mistake it for a forfeit.

Upon successful passage of the remake vote and subsequent game remake, all participating players who voted affirmatively will not incur any losses in terms of experience points (XP), RR, or Matchmaking Rating (MMR). The sole individual affected by a remake scenario is the disconnected player, who will receive a penalty equivalent to that of disconnecting from a complete match. This penalty serves to deter queue dodging and minimize time wastage for all parties involved.

In summary, executing a remake in VALORANT yields substantial benefits, ensuring the preservation of your hard-earned RR while sparing you from an unbalanced match. Remember, a well-informed ‘yes’ vote during the remake process is a strategic choice that optimizes the gaming experience for yourself and your team.


1. When should you initiate a remake in VALORANT?

It is strongly recommended to opt for a remake in almost all cases when a player disconnects before the pistol round. Choosing to remake does not result in a reduction of your Rank Rating (RR), so there is no valid reason to endure an entire game at a significant disadvantage. The only exception is if your duo/trio partner disconnects, and you are confident they will quickly reconnect.

2. What consequences does a disconnected player face?

A player who disconnects during a remake will incur the standard RR penalties as if they had lost the game. They will also receive additional RR deductions for leaving the match prematurely. Additionally, they will be subjected to a leaver time-out penalty, which prevents them from queuing for a specific duration.

3. Should I always vote for a remake in VALORANT?

Yes, it is highly recommended to vote for a remake whenever the opportunity arises. Unlike forfeiting, a remake allows you to avoid a disadvantageous match without any negative impact on your Ranked Rating (RR). Voting ‘yes’ ensures a fair gameplay experience and saves you from unnecessary hardship.

4. What happens if the remake vote fails to pass?

If the remake vote does not receive sufficient support and fails to pass, it will expire, similar to a forfeit vote. In such cases, the match will continue as usual, and the players will proceed with the ongoing game without any alterations.

5. Who is penalized in a VALORANT remake scenario?

In the event of a successful remake, all players who voted for it will not face any penalties, including XP, RR, or MMR losses for the match. The only player subjected to a penalty is the individual who disconnected, as they will receive a penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a complete match. This penalty serves as a deterrent against queue dodging and ensures fairness for all players involved.

Final Remarks:

The remake feature in VALORANT serves as a valuable tool for maintaining fairness in competitive matches. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively initiate a remake and minimize the impact of disconnected players on your gaming experience. Embrace this feature as an opportunity to create more balanced gameplay and strive for success within the VALORANT universe.

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