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Best Blood Glucose Meter for Home 2024

Blood glucose meters are veritable tools for the management of diabetes. These meters help you to know and then keep records of your glucose levels over a period of time, to manage diabetes effectively you’d need to have blood glucose meters.

There are lots of things that could impact the amount of glucose (sugars) in our blood, from diets, to exercise, and more.

With glucose meters, you can see these fluctuations, your activities and take the right steps to either increase or reduce your blood glucose levels depending on what ails you.

9 Best Blood Glucose Meter for Home 2024

There are many types of glucose meters. We’d be seeing some of the best ones in this article. Today it is the must-have product each one of us must purchase because it is important to check your health by Blood Glucose Meter.

Accu Chek Blood glucose meter
✓ Best choice
Dario Blood Glucose Monitor
One Touch Ultra2 System Kit 1
Ascensia The Contour Next EZ
True Metrix Blood Glucose Test

1. Accu Chek Blood glucose meter

Accu Chek Blood glucose meter

Meters for testing for the presence of certain compounds in the body should be accurate; this is because it has to do with health. That’s exactly what users get with this Blood glucose meter.

The Accu chek diabetes testing kit is a digital appliance that is used to test the amount of glucose that’s present in the body at a particular time.

This one is renowned for its accuracy; it’s also won some awards because of that. This is not the cheapest glucose meter out there, but then for the result that it gives, it’s totally worth the price.

It comes with notifications to remind you that it’s time to check your glucose levels; it also comes with an alarm. What this does is to notify you two hours after a meal.

The device is so good that it can be programmed to notify one before meals or after meals so that you can take those samples. And it comes with room for storing test results.

You can easily transfer the results to your computer via the use of USB. Don’t worry about the accuracy of this blood glucose meter, it is simple to use and results are perfect.

There are several things you need to consider while choosing a Glucometer, a roper kit offered by Accu Chek can be a smart choice, you will get all possible things in one bag.

2. Dario Blood Glucose Monitor

Dario Blood Glucose Meter

Blood sugar testing devices do not always have to be bulky and ugly; sometimes they can be small and very beautiful. This is beautiful and easy to carry around, making it easier for you to check your glucose levels irrespective of where you are.

It is manufactured by a company based in Israel; the product has done very well in Israel but didn’t get into the U.S until much later do the FDA regulations.

At the moment though, the product has passed the necessary tests and gotten the necessary certifications, therefore the results produced can be trusted.

This device doesn’t only take accurate measurements, it does even more. It is able to connect with your phone and your test data is synced automatically.

Therefore, with one touch you can always see your records; your doctor might also find this helpful. Here we’re talking about pricking devices, strips, and of course the meters. It comes with 95% accuracy.

No other glucometer offer such services to store the data on your smartphone or PC, it works like a USB, just plug in and record your results on your smartphone.

3. OneTouch Ultra 2

OneTouch Ultra 2

The One-touch ultra2 glucose testing kit has been called many things. Whether they are true or not, there’s one thing everyone agrees on, this appliance is fast. It’s the Usain Bolt of blood sugar testing.

It gives results in just 5 seconds. And that’s not all; you’d also get advice on how best to manage your diabetes more effectively. Apart from the speed which this device has, it is also a very popular product used by those with diabetes.

Therefore, getting the strips won’t be difficult, one bit. This is actually something one should consider before purchasing a glucometer, the availability of test strips.

The one for the One Touch Ultra2 System Kit 1 is available literally everywhere. Therefore it can be agreed that this is a good product to get.

When people say that the design is not perfect, well, I like the design very much. It’s a bit outdated; the same can be said also about the interface. Using it with test strips will need some kind of preprogramming, or coding, now that’s a waste of time which no one wants.

You can not connect this blood Glouse meter with your devices so synchronization is not possible. However, it is still a very fast and reliable appliance.

Design is sleek and sturdy, what’s interesting is one-touch operation makes you things more easy and comfortable.

4. Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitor Kit
Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

This brand of glucose meters is renowned for producing trustworthy results. What you have here in this pack are 50 needles of silver electrodes, so that you have trustworthy readings, a bottle of reagent, and then, of course, the meter itself.

Now, that’s one thing that’s very important, the quality of your test consumables, the better they are the more chances of having trusty test results. However, the lower the quality, well you know what’s going to happen, as this involves one’s health it’s not something that one should joke with.

So the Care Touch blood glucose meter actually comes easy to use, and trustworthy. The test strips that come with the meter have a 2-year shelf life, however, for the reagents, they last for 6 months.

It comes with a process of double testing, which acts as a source of insurance and helps ensure that you have accurate readings.

It’s much better to purchase a complete kid, this is the diabetes testing kit under 30 dollars and measures the readings more precisely and deliver accurate results.

5. GE100 Blood Glucose Meter

GE100 Blood Glucose Meter

Reading blood samples for body glucose levels doesn’t have to be difficult, and it also should be trustworthy. Well, that’s what the GE100 glucose meter does.

It gives a means by which you can test for blood glucose levels easily, quickly, and also trust the results. It comes with an automatic coding feature. Now what this does is that it helps you to reduce the number of false/inaccurate reading one gets due to a coding error.

This just means that you can trust that the reading is better. This glucose meter comes with a very well designed strip method, which is not at all difficult to use, and it’s also cleaner and safer health-wise for the customer.

Especially when compared to brands with similar offerings. This product also works very quickly, giving results in about 5 seconds.

Since this glucose meter is coded automatically, you needn’t do manual coding, eliminating time wastage and inaccurate readings. If you want speed and accuracy the GE100 Blood Glucose Meter is a great choice.

Highly accurate blood glucose meter that is a really amazing thing for people who want to know accurate results, check out the price right now.

6. Ascensia The Contour Next EZ

Ascensia The Contour Next EZ
Ascensia The Contour Next EZ

A lot of glucose meters need some sort of manual encoding before they can read your strips, this does increase the chances of having inaccurate readings. However, the The Contour Next EZ Blood glucose monitoring system is not like this.

Its encoding system is automatic, immediately you put in the required strip; it reads it automatically, reducing the chances of you having wrong readings due to wrong encoding. This product is also very fast, works quickly, and gives results in about 5 seconds.

Reading the figures on the screen is a breeze, the set up is very easy and of course, you don’t need coding to enjoy this.

It comes with some memory, so as to keep some records of test readings for better diabetes management. All you need to do your test with this is a small blood sample. The process would allow users to do 10 tests without touching the strips.

The meter got the best award for being an easy blood glucose meter right now. However, it doesn’t come with any test strips or testing discs. This might be difficult to find sometimes, this is a big con with this product.

The Contour Next EZ is a smart innovation in the medical industry providing awesome results and showing codes correctly every time when you use it.

7. AUVON Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

AUVON Blood Glucose Monitor Kit
AUVON Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

AUVON diabetes testing kit is a battery-powered portable blood glucose testing kit. It comes very easy to use and also it’s very easy to read. The screen comes big so that the users can easily read the figures on it. One of the features of this testing kit we find very interesting is the codeless working system.

You don’t need to calibrate it, everything happens automatically, this reduces the chances for personal error, thereby increasing the chances of you having accurate results.

Something else we also like is the fact that you need very little blood to conduct this test. Like 0.5 uL of blood. For those who are pain averse, well they’d enjoy this.

Because it’s actually a painless process of blood collection, you can also take blood from multiple areas of the body, not just the finger pads.

It comes with enough memory to store 220 test results and can take an average of 14 days results so that you can see what your blood sugars levels are like overtime.

Check out AUVON Glucose Meter right now and make the best deal over here because it is cheap and delivers quality results when you use, accuracy is just amazing.

8. True Metrix Blood Glucose Test

True Metrix Glucose meter

This is an Amazon choice product, it’s got to count for something, right? Well, this glucose meter is a very easy way for one to check and manage glucose levels in the blood.

One area in which the makers of this product have excelled is in its simplicity. You can easily move your readings from the glucose meter to a device, be it your pc or a smart handheld device.

You can also store over 300 readings in this little piece of equipment; it includes date and time stamps and then you can get the average for 30 readings, so as to give you an idea of your blood glucose levels.

The screen is bigger than most and it also has larger numbers than many others. To even have more details, you can annotate your results as either after a meal or before meal numbers.

It doesn’t end here though, the accuracy for the True Metrix blood glucose meter is excellent and you’d find yourself using it over and over again.

When you want to check your sugar level, there are several options, here is a complete kit that fits you well, it is cheap and easy to use, LCD shows clear results that are easy to read.

9. McKesson Blood Glucose System

McKesson Glucose Meter

This glucose meter from true Metrix is something for professionals; certain persons using it at home might not find it the easiest. Another issue with this product is that it doesn’t come with a control solution; you’d have to get that separately.

Now if you’re not aware of this, there’s a chance that you’d use it without knowing and therefore get wrong readings.

This seems to be a common complaint amongst many users of this product. Some of the pros of this product are that you’d need less than 0.5 uL of blood for a test and then you’d see results in less than 5 seconds.

This blood glucose meter can store about 500 results, with time and date stamps. For a professional health worker, this is a great tool, it also comes at a good price.

McKesson always delivers the best products especially when it is related to Glucometers, it is one of the trusted companies providing accurate blood glucose meters. For the home user who hasn’t had prior health training, you might want to get simpler to use models.


What is a blood glucose meter?

A blood glucose meter is a medical device used to measure the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. People with diabetes use these devices to monitor their blood sugar levels and make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.

What should I look for in a blood glucose meter?

When selecting a blood glucose meter, consider the following factors: accuracy, ease of use, cost, size, and features such as memory and connectivity. Additionally, if you have any special needs or preferences, such as requiring a large display or needing a meter that is compatible with specific testing strips, be sure to take those into account as well.

What are some of the top blood glucose meters for home use in 2023?

Some of the top blood glucose meters for home use in 2023 include the OneTouch Verio, Accu-Chek Guide, Contour Next, and FreeStyle Libre.

How often should I test my blood sugar levels with a glucose meter?

The frequency of testing will depend on your individual needs and treatment plan. Some people with diabetes may need to test their blood sugar levels multiple times per day, while others may only need to test once or twice per week.

Can blood glucose meters be covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover the cost of blood glucose meters and testing supplies. However, coverage varies depending on your plan and provider, so it’s best to check with your insurance company to determine what is covered and any associated costs.

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