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Acer RF M501

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  • Ambidextrous Design: Acer RF M501 comes with decent shape and style, equally perfect for all persons whether you are a lefty or righty
  • Decent Scrolling and Navigation: You don’t need an expensive mouse for office or research purposes, You can navigate or scroll easily with this mouse.
  • Perfect for Chromebook: This wireless mouse is the perfect gift for Chromebook users and is verified to meet the compatibility and standards of this laptop.
  • Control: With 1600 DPI you have better control and response from each click or cursor movement is simply great, probably 1.6 times faster than other wireless mice
  • Cordless Feature: You don’t need any cord, the mouse can function up to 32.8 feet with a USB plug receiver over a 2.4 GHz wifi signal
  • Less Power Consumption: The mouse consumes less energy thus you may use 2xAAA batteries for the whole year
  • Silent Feature: The mouse is noiseless and avoids distracting sounds that feel pleasing while using this mouse especially when working on serious projects and assignments.


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Last updated on July 2, 2022 4:42 am

Best Wireless Mouse 2022 | Cheapest PC Mouse 2022 | Works with Chromebook, with USB Plug and Play for Right/Left Handed Users (for Chromebooks, Windows PC & Mac) | RF Wireless Mouse 2022 | Acer RF M501 price in 2022 | Acer RF M501 price in 2022

Here comes another magnificent mouse with every operation at a top-notch level. Everything you would ever love to have in a mouse is deeply embedded in this beautiful mouse. This is another super fantastic product from the Acer family and this is one in town it is the Acer RF Mouse. This is not just a little mouse, but a powerful one at that, this wireless mouse is a certain guarantee for all your duties and responsibilities when it comes to any form of system operation.

You are clearly sure of having an easy-going and special functioning mouse once you come in contact with this great mouse. With its USB plug as an added advantage, it opens all users and operators to a clearer Vista when it comes to operation both for the right-handed and the left-handed. There is nothing to worry about after getting this mouse because it is all you’ve desired to have for a very long time.

Talking about comfortability here is a mouse you can’t afford to just see online or just pass by without getting a hold of it by releasing your money, this is what I mean, this mouse isn’t just a normal mouse, but this mouse provides comfortability at its optimum level because of it’s super lightweight, it is easy to carry around and about without operators straining a muscle.

All users would surely love the way this mouse is aesthetically created because it is not just pleasant to the eyes but it is also easy with the hands. If you are the type that loves traveling or your job has got you moving from one place to another, here is a mouse you shouldn’t wait for so long before getting. Undoubtedly, the mouse is the best mouse available in the market, if you search for the mouse on amazon you will find limited mice that come at such a cheap price in 2022, a perfect mouse for students and office workers. For gamers I will recommend an expensive gaming mouse with higher DPIs because you need more accuracy and speed while playing heavy-duty games, you can not use this mouse while playing 4k or 5k games.

Here is a mouse with an outstanding battery capacity life. You are sure going to love how this feels. Encapsulated within the body of this mouse is a brilliant and rechargeable AA battery. This battery is capable of powering your mouse for so long to the level and taste that suits you, or to the extent of your system usage.

This is a mouse that is very handy and this is one of the major things users love from a mouse; a mouse that gives you absolute control over your work either you are a designer or you are into sketching or drawing or even doing various jobs on the system, this mouse gives the user control because it is very much handy therefore providing the user the whole ability of hand control when it comes to operation. Here is an easy install of the mouse.

This mouse isn’t the kind of gadget that gives operators a whole lot of stress before installation or fixing, you are surely guaranteed an easy-going installation before operation begins. Talking about durability this mouse can surely survive various falls from operators. This is surely a mouse you would love to have to provide you with the strength necessary for various strenuous operations by all and sundry.

Specification: Acer RF M501

Part Number


AMR800 White


1 year parts and labor limited warranty



Release Date



Chromebook Mouse

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