Top 10 Best Dumbbells 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

This amazing list of top 10 Best Dumbells 2021 is also my favourite list because it has helped me to choose the most affordable dumbbells at a reasonable price. I do exercise daily after my 8 hours of working and that’s become easy when you don’t need any sort of place or space to exercise, I would recommend you to either choose Ab rollers or Dumbbells, both are used equally but has different importance.

Dumbbells help you to increase muscle growth of arms, legs, and chest while Ab rollers guide you to make your body fit and smart, in fact, you can grab six-packs formula if you want to lose your weight. I Dumbbells are quite a funny name don’t you think? I mean it is not as though bells have mental faculties which make some smart and the others dumb, so how come these bells are now called dumb? I’ll tell you the story.

Top 10 Best Dumbbells 2021 - Buyer's Guide
Top 10 Best Dumbbells 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

So in England, many years ago athletes were trying to build their arm strength would lift church bells several times. However, this caused a lot of noise. The smart thing to do was to remove the ringing part and then they could exercise all they wanted in quiet. So these new bells never “spoke” during an exercise, their quiet nature, which is opposite to the nature of bells, gave them that name. Of course, as the years wore by and men found a way to make the bell easier to handle and fit for exercise (i.e. changing the shape to as we know it today) the name stuck and it’s ever since being known as a dumbbell.

To choose the best dumbbell is not a hard job for you, We have shared a list of top dumbbells that are cheap in price and highly demanded online. A dumbbell is exercise equipment which consists of weights and an axle joining them. Bodybuilders and experts use dumbbells for strengthening the arms. We’ll be looking at some of the best dumbbells available in the market.

Top 10 Best Dumbbells 2021 – Best Affordable Dumbbells 2021

1.Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
Dimension: 15.8×7.9×9.1 in
Weight: 52.5 pounds each
Weight Range: 5 to 52.5 lbs
2.Shanchar Dumbbells
Dimension: 16x8x9.5 in
Weight: 33-88 pounds
Weight Range: 33, 44, 66, 88 pounds
3.Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds
Dimension: 14x6x9 in
Weight: 71.5 pounds
Weight Range: 11 to 71.5 lbs
4.PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells
Dimension: 14×6.5×6.5 in
Weight: 20 pounds each
Weight Range: 20 to 70 lbs
5.Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells
Dimension: 15×12.5×4 in
Weight: 50lb (25lb x 2)
Weight Range: 40 to 200 lbs
6.Cap Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell
Dimension: 5.04×9.21×17.64 in
Weight: 120 pounds
Color: Black
7.Day 1 Fitness Dumbbells
Dimension: 1.3×5.1×13.6 in
Weight: 40 Pounds
Weight Range: 5-40 Pounds
8.AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell
Dimension: 4.9×1.8×1.7 in
Weight: 1, 5, 15, 20 Pounds
Weight Range: 1-20 Pounds
9.ProForm Dumbbells
Dimension: 14x14x10 in
Weight: 25 Pounds
Material: Iron
10.Water Filled Dumbbells
Dimension: 12 x 10 x 4 in
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
Weight Range: 22-45 Pounds

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Gold’s Gym Dumbbells 2021

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 15.8×7.9×9.1 in
  • Weight: 52.5 pounds each
  • Weight Range: 5 to 52.5 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Exercises Available: 30+
  • Weight Settings: 15

What We like:

  • Wider weight range
  • Quieter workouts
  • Saves space
  • Rave reviews on Amazon
  • Versatile

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review:

This is quite a popular brand of dumbbell, and they are doing insanely well on Amazon. With over 5000 5 star reviews, this is indeed a great product. The Bowflex dumbbell is a sectional dumbbell, moreover, these are adjustable as well. These Dumbbells weight from 5 pounds up all the way to 52.5 pounds, this means people of varying sizes and strengths can comfortably use it. It comes with two kinds of weight increments. If you want to replace it with 15 sets of weights, that won’t be a bad choice. And the increments start small, so you get 2.5 pounds increments up to 25 pounds, then from there, it becomes 5 pounds increments.

We usually miss the quality of the product sometimes but you would be amazed to know that these dumbbells are used in highly-ranked Gyms if you are looking for Gold’s Gym Dumbbells, Bowflex SelectTech 552 is only and best choice for you, the best part is that you won’t replace it after buying these dumbbells, quality, style, and shape is simply awesome.

This set up you’re seeing combines 15 sets of weight into one, using unique sets of dials. With the unique dials, you can add or subtract weights easily. To make it easier for you, you can download the Bowflex app, which will guide you on the various kinds of exercise you can engage yourself with this dumbbell. For those of you who hate noisy workouts, the Bowflex 552 has taken that into consideration. It has a special moulding around the metal plates that serve to cushion the sound, whether you’re lifting or lowering.

Bottom Line: We think this dumbbell is totally worth the price, the fact that one needs to only buy one set and also the fact that it is built sturdy and very good points for us. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, so one can’t really go wrong with this device. However, the axle is long, and as weights are added it doesn’t shorten, this might be problematic for those who are small framed.

2. Shanchar DumbbellsBest Adjustable Dumbbells 2021

Shanchar Adjustable Weights Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 16x8x9.5 in
  • Weight: 33-88 pounds
  • Weight Range: 33, 44, 66, 88 pounds
  • Color: Black

What We like:

  • Anti-roll design
  • Anti-slip features
  • Built to last
  • Great lock mechanism
  • Connector for adjustment
  • Great customer care rep

Shanchar Dumbbells Review:

The most attractive feature of this dumbbell may be the fact that it comes with connectors; therefore you can connect two sets of dumbbells to make one barbell. This improves the versatility of the weight. And it means that you can actually use it for exercises which require barbells, such as leg exercises. The connector comes along with the dumbbell set.

This dumbbell set does have a very beautiful design, it comes with special embossing to prevent the dumbbell from rolling, it also protects it from ageing and easy to capture high-temperature resistance. The manufacturers of this have put a lot of thought into the production of this to make sure your floor is safe.

The weights come covered with rubber, so as to make sure you don’t damage your floor as you exercise. The handles and connectors come with anti-slip rubber to help your grip. These come in a set and they come in various weight categories. You have the 33 pounds weight, that is 16.5 pounds on each side, we have the 44 pounds, 66 pounds, and 88 pounds weight. Of course, these weights are adjustable, so you can increase or decrease them according to what you want.

Bottom Line: This weight is the king of versatility, and that’s one of the reasons we just love it. The rubber coating that it comes with to protect your floor is another thoughtful addition. This is worth the price which it is sold for, and with the two-year warranty which it has you almost cannot go wrong with this product.

3. Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds – Best Dumbbells 2021

Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds


  • Dimension: 14x6x9 in
  • Weight: 71.5 pounds
  • Weight Range: 11 to 71.5 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Sets: 12 sets

What We like:

  • Higher weight range
  • Made sturdily
  • Saves space
  • Extremely rapid adjustment
  • Good price

Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds Review:

This beauty has been designed for the heavier lifters. It comes in weights ranging from 11 pounds all the way to 71.5 pounds. Some people will not be able to use this, especially certain beginners, but it’s not a problem. This is not for them. There are many other weights that start out at around 5 pounds they max out in the 50 something pound range. For those who’d like to lift heavy, the Meras Deluxe is a good choice.

The Merax deluxe dumbbell set is very well made, and it has got a unique adjustable dial that helps you to add and reduce weight quickly in the event that you want to change the intensity of your workout program. All you have to do is adjust the weights at one end of the dumbbell and you’re good to go, saving you time and energy.

This dumbbell comes with 12 weight settings, saving you space, it also comes with a well-made weight tray where you can easily place the weights. Usually, adjustable weights come with a downside, that is the noise when metal plates clang, this, however, doesn’t have that issue. The workout rack which one can buy with the Merax deluxe is a game-changer, as it makes it easy to pick and drop the weight, it also comes with wheels for easy movement.

Bottom Line: The Merax deluxe weight is extremely well made and also has got great balance. There’s the issue of the handle being too long, one gets used to it as time goes on. We like the fact that stronger/bigger people can use this due to additional weights. The weights are labelled in kilograms though, and this could be a problem for certain folks.

4. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells – 20 pound dumbbells 2021

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 14×6.5×6.5 in
  • Weight: 20 pounds each
  • Weight Range: 20 to 70 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Weight to add: 6 Weights

What We like:

  • Compact design
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • Can take more weight comfortably

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review:

These don’t look like anything you’ve seen as far as dumbbells are concerned. Now the above statement stands through for most people, not everyone. If you’re one of the few, well, then you’re one of the few. These sets of dumbbells are quite unusual I must say, the first day I saw them, to be honest, I didn’t exactly find them attractive. But again I got curious and I went to check it out. It’s actually a piece of work and it does have its advantages over the traditional dumbbells.

These Powerblock Elite dumbbells are built to go heavy while maintaining balance and ease of grip. So one can go from 5 pounds all the way to 70 or even 90 pounds and it doesn’t become more difficult to balance, unlike regular adjustable dumbbells.

This is a very smart way to stack weights and workouts. With this style, setting up is easier and also adjusting weights is very fast. The Powerblock Elite dumbbell is really durable, it takes a lot of beating and remains unchanged. It doesn’t have that problem of weights sliding out which traditional adjustable dumbbells have. These Elite series can go all the way to 90 pounds, that’s lovely if you ask me.

Bottom Line: Apart from the fact that it’s not as versatile as Bowflex or the likes (you can’t use it for two-hand exercises, such as behind the head dumbbell extension), it’s a pretty solid piece of equipment. Due to the design, you don’t get the weights sliding out.

5. Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells – Affordable Adjustable Dumbbells 2021

Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 15×12.5×4 in
  • Weight: 50lb (25lb x 2)
  • Weight Range: 40 to 200 lbs
  • Color: C.Black
  • Core: Iron
  • Weight options: 40, 50, 60, 52.5, 100, 105, 190, 200 lbs

What We like:

  • Affordable
  • Old school style
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Comes in many weight options
  • Adding weights is easy

Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells Review:

This is quite a name if you ask me. But then again, a name doesn’t mean much as long as it can do what it should be doing. So yes the Yes4all dumbbell kit comes with good features, I mean they were designed to do something, and they do it well.

The Yes4all dumbbell comes adjustable just like we love them and also comes affordable. Truth be told, there’s nothing fancy about this weight. Absolutely nothing fancy, but it’s very functional. What you have here is a set of weights, with one metal handle and a star-like contraption for locking the weights in. This is how weights were built back in the days.

These Yes4all adjustable dumbbells come in different weight categories. They come in 40, 50, 60, and all the way to 200 pounds options. For the dumbbell connectors though, they come in 40/50/60/100/190 options. They are painted black; really looks like they mean business. The handles are textured for ergonomic grip handles. The adjustable spin on locking corners are easy to lock and loose, it’s also easy to add weight plates to this workout equipment. The weights clasp on tightly and safely, and there’s also very little noise when you use the Yes4all adjustable dumbbell.

Bottom Line: For those who are not interested in fanciness, this is a dumbbell set that you would love. It’s plain old school style, it does the job well, it is safe and comes at a good price. These are the most important things in a set of a dumbbell.

6. Cap Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell – Best Dumbbells For Women 2021

Cap Coated Hex Dumbbell Weights


  • Dimension: 5.04×9.21×17.64 in
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ASTM A48 Class 20 grey iron

What We like:

  • Commercial grade
  • Hex shaped
  • Good quality
  • Excellent customer care
  • Very safe

Cap Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell Review:

This is the first non-adjustable dumbbell we are reviewing today and as we all know these dumbbell styles have their cons, but they do also have their pros. One of which is that they are very safe, there is very little chance that the weights will be slipping off the sides because they are welded to the handle.

Now that being said, the CAP dumbbells are very durable and of course, come in several weights. They are also very balanced and come with textured handles for a good grip especially when you sweat. There’s a bit of uniqueness about their shape. They come in the hexagonal shape, which is different from the circular shape that most adjustable dumbbells come with.

The advantage here is that they can be stored safely and they do not move once you keep them at a spot. They are not circular so they won’t roll away. These dumbbells are commercial grade dumbbells, so if you run a commercial gym, you might want to get this brand. First is because they don’t come adjustable, so you can actually have enough in different weight categories for them to go round. They’ll also stand the test of time.

Bottom Line: The Cap dumbbells may not overall the versatility that the adjustable ones come with, but they have been built to last and last they will. The hex shape also makes them stationary when you keep them at a place.

7. Day 1 Fitness Dumbbells – Rubber Hex Dumbbells 2021

Day 1 Fitness Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 1.3×5.1×13.6 in
  • Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Weight Range: 5-40 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: iron

What We like:

  • Hex shaped
  • Rubber covered
  • Durable build
  • Texturized handles
  • Pdf ebook for exercise

Day 1 Fitness Dumbbells Review:

This is made by Day 1, a fitness company based in the U.S. The Rubber Hex dumbbells are non-adjustable, however, it comes with many advantages which really doesn’t take away much from it. First is that it is made in the shape of a hex. Therefore you are sure you’ll not have to go around chasing the dumbbell because it won’t roll anywhere.

The shape has made sure of that. Tick rubber helps to protect the floor when you will use and palace, the material is really awesome, by the way but to ensure that your floor is protected, it is coated with thick rubber. Not only does this protect your floor, but it also ensures that the weight lasts longer.

The weight comes in various sizes, 5 pounds all the way to 40 pounds. The handles come a bit texturized to help you with grip even when you sweat. A few drawbacks here and there though is that the weights can be a little bit off. For example, a weight labelled 40 pounds when measured after being purchased, we found out that it was actually 39.5 pounds, the second one was 39.2 pounds, no one likes that. This weight difference could be considered infinitesimal, but here we didn’t like it.

Bottom Line: Apart from the mild complaints of weights being a little off, this is a great dumbbell for both commercial and private use. It won’t damage your floor and it would last long. You can place your order and buy it singly rather than in sets.

8. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells – Best Dumbbell set for home gym in 2021

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell


  • Dimension: 4.9×1.8×1.7 in
  • Weight: 1, 5, 15, 20 Pounds
  • Weight Range: 1-20 Pounds
  • Color: Pink
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Material: Neoprene coating

What We like:

  • Color-Coded Neoprene
  • Hexagonal Shape
  • Neoprene coating
  • Used Indoor and outdoor
  • Affordable

Add resistance training with amazing AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells, you would be surprised to know the price is very low as compared to others. Dumbbells are popular because they usually come at good prices. Hand weights are usually common but prices are higher when you buy online, you can now buy a set of two dumbbells of 10 pounds.

This is a set of hand weights that are used to do arms and chest exercises, you can use for several other things as well. The steel clogs are really solid and heavy-duty; they lock the weight plates in place. This makes it very easy for you to carry it around, without anyone knowing what it is you are carrying. You can also purchase additional weights as per your own demand.

When you want to purchase the cheap dumbbells with superb quality, this is the best choice that is equipped with all possible features and will attract you in such a way that you will try to buy these dumbbells at any cost, stainless steel design is so amazing and unique, also looks great when you do exercise, I will recommend you to buy this piece of new innovation. Easy-grip neoprene coating helps to prevent from any damage, plus this, it becomes easy to grip the weights.

Bottom Line: This comes at a very good price, it’s sturdy and durable these are some of the reasons we like it. The 33 pounds weight might not be good enough for a regular lifter, but the metal bar gives room for additional weight, so that solves the problem. For the price at which this comes, it’s a good buy.

9. ProForm Dumbbells – Dumbbells for Biceps in 2021

ProForm Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 14x14x10 in
  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Material: Iron
  • Additional: Tray

What We like:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy equipment
  • Add more weights
  • Anti-slip handles

ProForm Dumbbells Review:

These are high-quality sets of dumbbells, and of course, they are anywhere, whether at home or at the gym. They were made with commercial use in mind, therefore the durability. The ProForm Dumbbells come in 25 pounds size that can be added as per need. The weight happens to be the one we are reviewing. The decent and probably the best Dumbbells for Biceps available right now, I like the shape and design that is attractive and pleasing.

These weights are made from heavy metals and then coated with unique material, the rack is the best option for round plates. This not only protects your floors but it also protects the metal. The handle features ergonomic additions to make it easy and comfortable to grip.

The exercise equipment is amazing to use because you can add more weight plates as per need. We know that we use dumbbells for arm exercises, bench presses and so much more. This set of dumbbells comes in stainless steel colour only. The fact that it doesn’t have heavier weights leaves a lot to be desired.

Bottom Line: This product has overwhelming acceptance by athletes and bodybuilders, and this is because it’s quite new and powerful. Don’t be deceived, however; this is a high-quality product that I would recommend you to buy.

10. Water Filled Dumbbells – Best Water Filled Dumbbells 2021

Water Filled Dumbbells


  • Dimension: 12 x 10 x 4 in
  • Weight: 2.4 Pounds
  • Weight Range: 22-45 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Dumbbell Balls: 8

What We like:

  • Awesome design and shape
  • Lightweight travel companion
  • Inexpensive
  • Soft and heavy
  • Saves space

Water Filled Dumbbells Review:

You know how difficult it is for us to continue working out when we travel, well this company sought to solve it. This dumbbell set is doing a good job sorting it. One of the best thing I like about this dumbbell is that it is easy to store and you can use it anywhere outside of the Gym.

The plastic material is really durable, ABS according to the company. Their travel dumbbells are lightweight and foldable, and they weigh about 2 pounds without water in them. The whole contraption comes with 8 balls, 4 balls for one set, 8 nuts, 4 extensions, and four handles. When filled with water these dumbbells are supposed to weigh 45 pounds, this is according to the company.

The Dumbbells are really amazing and weight is 5 pounds each when you fill the dumbbells with water, However, we saw that the best weight we could get was about 4.3 pounds. This basically means we are looking at 40 pounds of weight as opposed to 45, it’s not so bad for travel dumbbells. These weights are long-lasting, durable and there’s even room for you to add extra weights to the dumbbells, though not the 5-pound weights.

All you need to do is take out the water, and when you get to your destination, you inflate the dumbbells with water. You can also use them at home, you can actually keep the water in them. But to ensure the longevity of your product, every now and then, remove the water and store this until you’re ready to travel.

Bottom Line: This is meant from travel, and that’s what it should be used for. You use it at home but you know keeping it always inflated could lead it to be punctured. Apart from the fact that the advertised weight and real weight are quite different, this is a great product.

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Final Remarks:

Dumbbells come in several shapes and sizes, both adjustable and non-adjustable. The most attractive factor, however, is the fact that they are very versatile. We hope that you’d see something that you like and can afford amongst our top 10 dumbbells.

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