$500 Technology Scholarship

Geeky Egg is one of the best and probably the top listed technology website offering in-depth reviews and buying guides on different products and gadgets to guide people to choose their best option available compared to price and features such as you can choose the best gaming laptops by comparing each one with price, speed, graphics, and design Example: Gaming Laptops

At Geeky Egg, we are eager and passionate about technology and gadgets. We are empowering those who need our support in the same area of interest.

We are hereby, excited to announce the Geeky Egg Scholarship Program for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the passion and love of “Technology & Gadgets” but must write according to the pattern as mentioned in “Participation Criteria“.

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U.S/U.K/Canada Citizens. Applications from US/UK and Canada will be given preference, however, Geekyegg.com also holds the right to change the policy, Deserving students from under-developed countries will be given more preference if applications received from the above-mentioned countries will be less than 10, as the aim of Geekyegg.com is to support financially to needy students.

Both part-time and full-time students are welcome to apply.

Applicants are not required to study in any related field.[/su_note]

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Participation Criteria:

To participate in this scholarship program, you have to write an article on the topic given below.

Best Gaming LaptopsBest MSI Gaming PC 20213D PrintersMost Expensive Gaming LaptopsBest SmartwatchesBest Gaming Laptops under 1200Netgear Wifi RoutersBest Gaming Mouse

The article must be 2000+ words in length, attached with all links, and please submit it along with the details written below.

Most of the students will be astonished why are we asking for 2000 Words article, it is just because most of the students only contact through email and don’t even share the stuff. Definitely, these articles will boost up the Geekyegg.com ranking sharply, in other words, it is a kind of help that students will do for us.

Details which must be included:

    • Full Name.
    • Contact Email.
    • University/College Name.

Demo Articles:

Best Robot Vacuums | Electric Pressure Cookers | Lunch Bags | Best Bean Bag Chairs | Best Soil Test Kit | Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers | Soil Ph Testers | Electric Winches | Best MMA Gloves | Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 Dollars | Best Android Smartwatch | Acer Gaming Laptops

Please send all of these details with your article in a word document file to [email protected][/su_note]

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Where To Submit Your Article:

You can submit your article in a word document file to [email protected][/su_note]

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How Do We Pick The Winner:

The scholarship will be awarded to one student who writes the best article. If there will be only 1 student, he/she will be the winner. It is definitely, the best place to participate. Kindly write a detailed product-related article just like the sample given here otherwise the application will be rejected.

Winners will be paid directly through Payoneer.[/su_note]

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12/31/2021 (31 December 2021)[/su_note]

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Scholarship Winners 2020:

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Scholarship Winners 2019:

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*Geekyegg.com holds the right to change the criteria of the scholarship depending upon the number of emails and articles received.

2020 Scenario:

Geekyegg.com received only 2 emails and 1 article from US/UK and Canada however more than 10 emails with proper articles received from Nigeria, if the applications received from the UK, USA and Canada will be less than 10 in 2020, Geekyegg.com will then try to select 5 best deserving candidates and will pay through Payoneer.com