Apple Smartwatch 4 vs Fitbit Versa: Best Analysis 2022

Apple Smartwatch 4

Do you know that Apple smartwatch series 4 offers unlimited features that enable you to monitor your health and track your workouts? It also provides you with an easy way to get desirable goals to make ways to achieve your fitness goals. Always get ready to stay connected with your smartphone. Get all you want here. The starting price is just $200 with the ultimate power of modern features.

Apple Smartwatch Series 4 provides you with an opportunity to do exercise, move and stand, well, all three in one ring, check how much calories have you burned. A comprehensive track record of all your activities is just at your fingertips. Start new activity and enjoy the best and smart options to monitor it on a daily bases. Fire your coach today and ask for help from Apple as you won’t need further coaching assistance after having coaching manual experts at your wrist.

Features & Activities:
  • Tack your activity like Yoga, Cycling and swimming
  • Track your running record through cadence and pace alerts
  • Enjoy Apple Music and Apple Podcasts
  • It also provides an easy way to get warnings and monitor heart rate
  • Includes emergency SOS system which automatically calls in serious situations.
  • Reduce your stress through the Breathe app.
  • You can choose your host.
  • Provides freedom of cellular
  • Ask Siri for help to send messages
  • Download your favorite apps from Apple Store for free
  • Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a water resistance feature of almost 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010
  • It can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in ocean or pole however you are not permitted to use it for waterskiing, scuba, and others where the pressure of water throw increases or where there is high-velocity water.
  • Wireless features involved
  • Easily compatible with iPhone

Fitbit Versa

Vera is considered one of the best smartwatches these days at an affordable price comprising of enormous features. Comparatively, you can get all your desires ‘cause Versa has all the elegance that you need today.

The best difference between Apple smartwatch series 4 and Fitbit Versa is that Versa has most of the features; not all but Apple is the full package of all features including some extra as well that’s why Apple charges higher.

Secondly, which most of the people hesitate to write on blogs in order to attract more visitors that Apple is durable, you will get neither defective nor poor quality product at your door which, most importantly, Apple smartwatches don’t get stuck or slow-down even if you play multiple files at a time.

Features & Activities:
  • Advanced heart rate tracking system
  • Follow trends over time
  • Sleep Tracking System
  • An advanced monitoring system to check your calories, distance, floors climbed, time in the light, deep and REM Sleep, and active minutes.
  • Includes modern female health tracking to long periods, cycle and gauge ovulation.
  • Comprehensive breathing sessions, better than Apple smartwatch series 4
  • Pure pulse rate, compare resting heart rate and during workouts
  • Includes Dynamic on-screen workouts
  • Real-Time heart rate


Apple Watch Series 4

Fitbit Versa

Display size44 mm (1.73 inches)34 mm (1.34 inches)
Resolution368 × 448 pixels300 × 300 pixels
Wireless interfaceBluetooth, NFCBluetooth, NFC
Weight48 grams38 grams
Depth10.7 mm11.2mm
Ambient light sensorYesYes
3-axis accelerometerYesYes
3-axis gyroscopeYesYes
Interchangeable strapYesYes
Color displayYesYes
Optical heart rateYesYes
Battery life18-hours4-plus days
Price (starting from)$399+$200

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Nighat Yasmeen

Nighat Yasmeen

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